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    Urine Trouble..

    Posted on: July 11th, 2013 by Randi 3 Comments

    See what I did there..

    I’m trying to put off going to the ER. Right now, I can’t anyway because I’m babysitting but I just don’t want to sit there or get admitted. However, I know I NEED to because I know when things aren’t good.

    I was born with a urinary reflux. In normal people the urine comes from the kidneys through the ureters to the bladder. For whatever reason, my urine can flow backwards. I’m not sure if its all the time as if the flow is reversed or if it just snaps back once in a while. I’m very prone to UTIs because of this. Based on research, you usually outgrow it. However, it’s not unheard of to follow you into adulthood and it accounts for about 10% of adults with end stage renal failure. It’s such a common occurrence that I only notice when I don’t have one. I take Azo and drink cranberry juice often but usually, I just wait it out. I know I shouldn’t but if I didn’t I’d spend an awful lot of time in the hospital. I get kidney infections a few times I year. I’ve only ever had 2 others that, that I remember, that were bad enough to need to be hospitalized. That was around 12 years old. A lot more went on when I was smaller that I don’t really remember. I remember one a few months after Zack was born where I had a severe fever. I was freezing and I couldn’t open my eyes because of the headache. I was hospitalized for a few days with that one. At one point my temperature spiked to 104 and I had nurses running around but I was so delirious that I don’t remember any of it.

    I had a fever last night and while it wasn’t high, I asked someone to check because my back pain was very bad all of a sudden. I rode it out, though, because Andrew just got home and we had Breya. The backpain hasnt gotten better and now I’m having what may be bladder spasms. This is the only time I recall experiencing that symptom. It can be described as a fluttering that I’ve heard feels like a small fetus kicking. While it isn’t impossible for me to be pregnant, it’s highly unlikely. It’s also a “common” symptom of a UTI. Patrick should be home later so I may just ask him to take me. He knows the nurses and doctors and can hopefully get me in to be treated.

    About an hour ago, I thought I started my period but by the looks it if, I can have a kidney or bladder stone. It could be a coincidence but to be safe, now I have to go. My period isn’t regulated so I never know when to expect it. I just assumed it did.

    I make jokes all the time about needing Andrew’s kidney. It comes from a very real fear, though. My mom was told that I had significant scarring on my kidneys years ago from all of the infections. I will, most likely, need a new kidney later on.

    This issue is the only thing my father ever gave me. It’s a hereditary issue with all of the females on my father’s side. It was so bad as a baby that I would get bleeding diaper rashes if my mom didn’t change me right away because it’s that potent.

    I have to wait until my mom gets back from the hospital with my grandmother (she had surgery yesterday because she broke her leg while moving) because I’m babysitting. Here’s to hoping I don’t need to be admitted.

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