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    A Little Scare

    Posted on: July 2nd, 2014 by Randi No Comments

    We had a scare with Hannah yesterday and rushed her to the vet. She was vomiting and couldn’t even keep water down, had bloody diarrhea, and was very lethargic. However, it didn’t happen in that order. By the time, the bloody diarrhea started, it went quickly from, “okay, we have to watch her” to calling my mom in tears to take me to the vet.

    I didn’t know what was wrong but I immediately assumed it was the heat. I tossed her in the sink to cool her down and she started to perk up but the bloody diarrhea scared me and we drove to Carbondale. Carbondale is out of the way by like 30 minutes but they have a great animal clinic. It wouldn’t be feasible in an emergency but we weren’t at that point yet.

    They immediately thought parvo since Hannah only got her initial vaccinations and Mya was a new addition. Apparently, she had the symptoms. Thankfully, that came back negative. So, they think it was the heat, too.

    She did, however, get her booster for her distemperment and her rabies so now we can take her to the groomer to get her fur cut for the summer. They say you aren’t supposed to cut the hair of long haired dogs but my vet said it was a good idea. I did it last year so she hasn’t had to deal with hot temperatures with her long hair.

    Despite being tired all day yesterday, Hannah weaseled herself up to our pillows last night (in our air conditioned room) and slept well. This morning I leaned over to ask her how she was and she licked all over my face. She’s now up and running around with her daddy and sissy.

    She’s still getting special treatment, though, since she was given medication. She got a tasty treat (concoction) of tuna (and ALL THE MEDS!) while all the animals (even the cats) looked on.

    My mom knows how important my animals are to me. Every single one is my child. I called my mom in tears (trying to hold them back because the situation wasn’t as bad as I was making it seem) and she flew from our farther Walmart and was here in less than 6 minutes. Thank god for my mother because I was losing it.

    photo (2)

    Hannah being pillow puppy, this morning.

    My Poor Cat

    Posted on: March 29th, 2014 by Randi 1 Comment

    For the past few weeks, Reese has been acting really weird. She used to spend some time up in the cupboard away from the other cats. It was her domain and only hers. Last week, I think, she was up there for a few days. Would not come down no matter what we did. Eventually, we forced her out and boarded up that cupboard. Since that, though, she has not gone upstairs. Now, their litter boxes and food dishes are up there but she doesn’t leave the kitchen.

    Through all of this, she’s become even more terrified and paranoid. James can’t get anywhere near her. Any time she enters the living room, she’s on the look out for James. If he gets close to her, she lets out this horrible growl until I shoo him away. She has not been treating me any differently, actually she’s more loving to me than she’s ever been. Now, I’m like her protector.

    I think something happened between her and James and she wants nothing to do with him. Maybe they tussled, maybe he hurt her, but somehow he claimed their bedroom as his and she won’t go in there.

    I finally caved and made sure she was getting food downstairs. I don’t think she’s been eating. I thought it was a weird phase but she shows no signs of going up those stairs. I even caught her using the puppy pads to go to the bathroom. Something happened and she’s not right. She seems healthy otherwise. She doesn’t appear to be sick and other than the sudden paranoia of James and not leaving the kitchen or living room, she seems fine.

    I’m pissed, though. James is a complete terror and he’s dominating my cat. He walks around like he owns the place and I’m fucking sick of it. I don’t want to have to rehome him but I will do all that I can to knock him off his thrown. He doesn’t run this house, I do. I won’t let him keep doing this to her. If it comes down to him or Reese, I WILL throw his ass out. He’s an asshole and not in the “he’s a cat” way. He thinks he owns us and I’m going to fucking fix it. Reese is nothing but a sweetheart and she doesn’t deserve this. She was here first. It may break Andrew’s heart but I promise to only use it as a last resort.

    On the other hand, Bella is completely unphased by any of it. She’s all over the place and I even caught her laying by James. She hangs out by Reese.

    Our Cat is a Dog

    Posted on: February 27th, 2014 by Randi 2 Comments

    So, I’ve written posts before about my furbabies. What can I say? I like to brag. Each one has their own personality and I’m sure to respect their likes and dislikes. For example, Bella loves pets and you can cuddle her up. Reese on the other hand, you need to “ask permission” to pet her or she cries and runs.

    I’ve never had a cat that would eat anything other than their cat food and water except one. I had attempted to give a piece of ham to Phantom once, and he are it but didn’t want the second piece. I’ve given Bella ham and she would bat it around the room. I had only ever done it because they seem interested in what I’m doing. They aren’t dogs, which of course, I “accidentally” drop a lot of ingredients while cooking since I’m surrounded by pleading eyes. I know, I’m an enabler.

    Bailey was the only one who wanted something other than her food. I came in with Ice Cream once, I believe the week she died. She was laying on the floor and she smelled it. She bolted over to me and sat on my chest while I tried to put each spoonful in my mouth. She actually climbed closer to my face and put her face in front of my mouth so the ice cream would go to her mouth instead. Smart kitten she was.

    Anyway, we’re convinced James is a dog. It started as a kitten. His cat food was never enough for him. He would see us eating and sit practically on top of us while we tried to eat. He even attempted to bat food off forks. I tried not to tolerate it but Andrew was a push over.

    He only got smarter from that point. He hears us moving around in the kitchen and comes running. Then he sits next to Andrew (I’ve smacked him away enough for him to know I don’t give him any) and waits for a moment that Andrew is occupied, be it talking to me, playing with his phone, watching TV, and James lunges for the plate. Andrew usually catches him. If the plate doesn’t get put away immediately, James will lick it clean like a dog.

    Andrew let it go too long now that it’s become a habit of James’. But through enough work, we at least have an understanding that if he waits until we are done, he can have some pieces. And he will now, he’ll sit there and beg like a dog but he no longer lunges at your plate or fork.

    But I have to put it out there, he still eats his cat food like normal. He’s a healthy weight. It’s just people food is his little snack.

    I wish it was just that. The other day someone was banging around on the neighbor’s side and the dogs started barking and James was growling. What cat does that?!

    And today, which, it’s not the first time, he decided to use the dog’s papers instead of his litter box upstairs. When he was done, he tried to cover it up, though.

    I think it’s adorable. He’s a bit spoiled, I’ll give you that. But at least he’s more respectful now and not running around the house like he owns the place. He’ll lay with the dogs on the couch but only sometimes, mostly he tolerates them because they stay around us and we have the food. He interacts with the girls. The girls never come around the dogs and try their best to avoid them.

    Here is a picture, I just took. I heated up milk in the microwave and used it for my cappuccino. He heard the microwave and assumed there was food to be had.


    Our Little Boy is Growing Up

    Posted on: February 3rd, 2014 by Randi 2 Comments

    James has been acting weird this past week. We didn’t know why. Mostly, he’s walking around the house moaning like a cat in heat. But he’s male, so I didn’t know what to make of that. After a quick search, it turns out, he’s reached sexual maturity so he’s calling for tail. All of our girls are fixed, so we have nothing to worry about but I wasn’t so sure about our neighbor’s two females. I text her, and she said they were and yet he’s still wandering the house meowing loudly.

    Right after deciding to get him fixed this week or next, he found Reese on my computer desk (we couldn’t see her). He walked over and just froze. I made Andrew see what he was doing because Reese hangs out there, and sure enough he was straddling her and biting her neck. So, Andrew pulled him away but it confirmed what we thought.

    So, today I called and scheduled an appointment for this Friday. We want him in and out before he starts spraying everywhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a male kitten. Phantom was neutered when he was 2 years old and he’ll be 7 this year. I don’t recall him making noise ever. But I do recall the spraying. Fortunately, once he went outside that stopped entirely. We don’t, however, have any plans to let James become an outside cat so this needs to be done now.

    I don’t like doing this but I know how important it is. Reese’s spaying saved her life. I was thankful for that and seeing her in the pain afterwards was a relief and better than the alternative. I can’t say the same for Bella, Hannah, Miley, and Lily. Bella was not herself and it broke my heart I was almost begging her to eat. Hannah looked so pathetic, and as a puppy, she just wanted to run and jump and play and I couldn’t allow it but she ate right away and overall handled it the best. Miley had her stitches out within 12 hours, and even though a call to the vet was helpful, I was a nervous wreck expecting her insides to fall out. Lily wouldn’t eat and could barely sleep. She seemed to have spent more time crying than anything else but still soldiered through trying to follow my mom around everywhere.

    I don’t recall much of Phantom’s neutering. I may have been away at school when it was done. I believe it’s supposed to be easier on the males than the females. He was sent home with pain meds which my mom took care of. For a week, he’d come down for pain meds but would go back and hide.

    I hope it’s easy on James because if it’s not, I’ll be dealing with both a sick cat and a whiny sympathetic boyfriend.


    I’m A Crazy Cat Lady

    Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by Randi 3 Comments

    You know, I often wonder why the cats don’t come around like they used to when we lived at my moms. Well, they were looking for a quiet place to lay down and sleep. Made sense. We had 7 people and 5 dogs.

    Well, when we moved, we only took 2 cats, 3 dogs, and 3 people. A significantly smaller amount but well, we have Reese who is the definition of a “scaredy cat”. We have one of those railroad rooms, I think they are called that. It’s our middle bedroom and you have to walk through it to get across the 2nd floor. So, we stuck Zack’s old bunk beds in there because they were in too great of shape to get rid of when he didn’t want them anymore and I had all intentions of making the kids sleep in there on their weekends over here.

    Well, it didn’t work out that way. Kids prefer to sleep where the TV is, I wonder who’s responsible for that… Mom.. So, the bunkbeds weren’t being used. Well, Reese is kind of a bitch so my brother and I keep our doors closed at all times. There were too many things that could kill or maim Reesy (I’m assuming that’s her line of thought) in the living room so she doesn’t come in here. So, her and Bella started sleeping on the bunkbeds in the middle room. It’s never used and the only time someone is in there is to walk by to go to the bathroom.

    When we got James, I had mentioned to the lady that the cats had their own room, should he be scared and need a place to hide. It was mostly just in passing until we met up with her to take him and she told us how excited she was and told his foster mom that he was going to a furever home where he had his own room. At first, he was only allowed in our room. He was so small and although I didn’t think Reese or Bella would do anything, I wasn’t taking the chance. When they did meet him, they both initially hissed at him, but mostly ignored him when we let them in to see him on supervised occasions.

    In a few weeks, he was trying to dart out our door to the other side of the world and we figured, maybe he’s old enough. He too took to the bedroom.

    This became the norm. Reese has started to come out of her shell a bit. She’s less neurotic, now. Lately, she’s been coming down just to play with things she shouldn’t and then just stares at me when I yell at her. Another reason I think she loves it so much is I have to walk by the room several times a day. As soon as she hears me coming, she’s up, stretching and following me into the bathroom to drink from the tub faucet. Bella is guaranteed a visit at least once a day because she needs to attention. James comes home when Andrew comes home, he hears someone in the kitchen (FOOD!), and just to harrass, abuse, and annoy Andrew.

    Now, they have their own room. They don’t have to go searching for a quiet place anymore. They are spolied as hell. They camp out up there all day, and why wouldn’t they? Their litterbox, food & water, beds, and toys are up there. You can hear them running from one end of it to the other while they chase each other. When I try to clean their room, they don’t know what to do with themselves. They all sit in the walk ways staring at me like I’m ruining it for them. 

    So, I may be coined the crazy cat lady when I tell people about my cats’ room, but I didn’t do it. They picked it on their own.

    What I’m Up to Today

    Posted on: September 28th, 2013 by Randi No Comments

    Today is off to a good start. I got up and showered by 9:30am and then Andrew and I took Bella to the vet. She had an eye infection that started on Thursday night. By Friday, she could barely open her eye. I wiped away discharge several times. So, I called the vet and asked to get drops but they said she needed to be seen. Of course, I couldn’t argue. I don’t know what caused it but I’m assuming James caught her eye in a scuffle. The vet wasn’t sure but assumed the scratch was off to the side somewhere. So, we got drops that need to be applied 4 times a day. Which is nearly impossible after the weekend when Andrew goes back to work.

    I bartered with my mom so that I could visit with our straightener. It’s a hair and makeup kind of day. I’m up, I’ve been wanting to, I might as well.

    As BlogCon nears, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it. I just don’t have the money to spare for Andrew and I (I need a ride and he might as well go). I don’t have business cards for this blog and now my twitter username is different. If I were Andrew I would smack me since he dropped about $75 for my business cards last year. It’s a shame but there is always next year. 🙂

    Our plans for the rest of day is to chill out and them start drinking. Maybe if we start early, we’ll actually get somewhere.

    Oh, and I’m cohosting PolkaDotHeart‘s Sunday Blog Hop so look for that post later and join in. I’m hoping to do some blog hopping tonight anyway so expect comments and blog love. 🙂

    A Panic Over Nothing

    Posted on: September 17th, 2013 by Randi 4 Comments

    So, here’s a bit of a funny story that started out last week. You may know that Reese is my unusual cat. I even blogged recently about our nightly routine. That’s the kicker because that is where most of this story takes place.

    Last week, Reese peed on the couch while I was out. I came back to the stench of cat urine and this white dust over the spot that she went. At first, I was pissed because Reese is a very annoying pet. The litter box has to be in pristine condition or she will find other spots around the house. I knew the little box had litterally just been done so I was ticked off that she chose the couch, until I realized she had something to show me. I immediately Googled what it was and found that it was a kidney problem. I phoned the vet who couldn’t have been more helpful. The lady was very knowledgeable and calm while I was mostly freaking out. She explained that she’s female so that this is a good thing in this situation and as long as she *can* urinate, she doesn’t have a blockage. She informed me that she needed a change in her diet and to keep her hydrated. I did mention to her that she is a weirdo and only likes to drink water from the bathtub faucet. The woman informed me that this wasn’t abnormal at all and that most cats prefer their water this way. She told me about water fountains that I’ve seen before. Bottom line was to watch her. As long as she was peeing, and there wasn’t blood in the urine, she would be okay.

    So, the next day and the days after that were a bit scary. First, I noticed blood in the tub. Not a lot, tiny droplets that were scattered. I went into panic mode but I didn’t know where it came from. I kept a close eye on her. At one point, she even peed in the tub (which wasn’t her fault either because by that point, her litter box had sat for 24 hours *eye roll*). There was no urine in it whatsoever. So, there is tiny droplets of blood but no blood in her urine. Color me confused.

    So, since then I’ve been luring her into the bathroom more and more so I could see what was going on. Other than a sneeze here and again, I couldn’t imagine what was causing this blood to appear. It does just that, appears.

    So, fast forward to yesterday. I checked the tub before she got in it. When it appeared, there wasn’t very much and it was in a corner. Did I not look close enough over there? Then last night, I did my best to not take my eyes off of her. When the blood appeared, I kicked myself because I thought I did take my eyes off her for a split second. However, she never sneezed so again, I was confused.

    Let me backtrack a moment to say that when this first start I checked her everywhere. I took toilet paper and ran it all over her. I grabbed a second piece to wipe her. She was completely clear. When I Googled it, everyone kept saying fleas but they weren’t going into detail. All I thought was that she wasn’t rolling around in the tub so it’s not from bleeding flea bites. I checked between her toes and everything. She was not bleeding. At this point, I want to call the vet but have nothing to tell them. If she’s sneezing blood, I want to see it before I call them. Even until this moment, she showed no actual evidence of bleeding besides her being the one there when it happened.

    So, this morning. Here’s exactly what happened. I walk into the bathroom. Reese follows me in, almost a skip in her run, because she loves this time with me. I check the tub and she climbs in. Still nothing. I turn on the water. She drinks. Still nothing. She turns around and faces me. At this point, I can no longer see the tub behind her. She steps up on the ledge for pets. I pet her. She gets down, turns around, and there’s the blood. It just appeared again. At this point, I’m dumbfounded. I put my hand down facing up over the blood (the way you are supposed to feel a door knob in a fire. The water that is still dripping is splashing onto my hand. So, I figure that’s it! There must be something with the water.

    So, I call my mom tell her the story and she agrees with me that it’s the water. There must be rust in it. Then proceeds to tell me that the water might be bad for her and causing her kidney issues. So, I immediately feel horrible. Regardless, I can get her that fountain like we wanted and we’ll buy them bottled water. That plus her new Urinary Tract Cat Food should get her back to normal in no time. 


    The thing was that I wasn’t entirely convinced. It was blood red, not red orange like rust is. I Google it one last time. “Tiny droplets of blood in bathtub” I was going to put “rust” at the end of it but changed my mind. All these animal sites pop up. The first one I click reads as follows.

    These nasty little parasites feed off your cat’s blood, and when they poop, they poop out that dried blood.

    Flea dirt looks like little black specks when it’s dry, but when it’s wet it turns a rusty-red or blood color.

    So, basically what’s happening is Reese has fleas. Me petting her in the tub causes the flea dirt to fall off into the tub that is wet from the faucet I turned on. The flea dirt mixes into the water and makes teeny tine blood droplets. (Did ANYONE else read that as Dr. House and see everything in Dr.House style explanation into the body?)

    Holy !@#$, I can calm down. I assumed the blood had something to do with her kidneys. Thank god it’s not and since we switched all the cats to Reese’s “prescribe” diet food, it seems to be working with her. She had gone out of the litter box.

    Now, on to the fleas. When we moved in here, not one of my animals had fleas. When we got James, he did, but I bathed him in Dawn and combed them all out. She was a tiny little thing, so I feel confident in my flea destroying abilities. Now, my neighbor has 1 large dog and that dog’s puppy. She also dog sits for her brother’s dog who also happens to be her dog’s puppy. She has 3 cats, too. All of them have fleas. We live in a half of a double. I’m pretty sure we got them from her. I don’t really know how to get rid of them with that standing on our way. I may ask the exterminator if they can do anything about it since they come monthly. Other than that my best bet is to treat and apply flea collars. Sigh.. :\

    TL;DR: My cat has fleas.

    Just a Few Things

    Posted on: September 4th, 2013 by Randi 2 Comments

    To put it simply, I’ve fallen off the face of the blogosphere because I got a 3DS. I’m serious. Don’t buy Animal Crossing: New Lead because it will run your life. It dictates when I get up in the morning. It decides when and when I can’t leave the house. It’s consumed all of my reddit viewing because I am now sucked into r/animalcrossing, r/actrades, and r/acturnips.

    I have dabbled in the thought of closing up my other blog and making it into a professional website. I sort of, kind of, maybe, want to start a strictly video gaming blog. However, I’m torn because I know the amount of time and effort that goes into blogging and I’m starting to think that writing about playing will take over me actually playing. Then, I’ll have nothing to write about.

    Since the AC obsession has slowed1 and I can function a bit more like a sane adult, I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’m about this | | close to spending a bit of my extra money on an XL. Funny story, by the way. I played Andrew’s 3DS XL and loved it. We went and bought a regular 3DS off of Craigslist. I was like “OMG! SO SMALL!”. I’ve been playing it for a week and a half. Yesterday, Andrew asked for help in his AC game 2 and I was like “OMG, SO BIG!!1!”

    It’s kind of the same situation with Bella, my cat. She was always so tiny and I thought she would never grow. We bring James home and the little bitch had to show off and grow overnight. Now, James is super tiny, Bella is normal size, Reese is large, and Phantom looks like a panther.

    Speaking of kitties, We took Bella to the vet, I mentioned, I think. Because we took her, we had to push Jame’s shots appointment back. Well, we got him to the vet on Saturday. He got some of his shots, and an FIV/FIP (I can never remember the difference) test. The doctor kind of talked me into it, since it was optional, by mentioning the harm to my other cats. Maybe I put it out of my mind, or I chose to ignore it, but until that moment, I had no idea whether he was positive or negative and I started to think about all the times they were in contact with each other, how can they get it, how could I forget that it could be a possibility, what do I do if he has it, etc. The thought never crossed my mind. Thankfully, he was negative.

    I had them cut his nails before we went out. The vet couldn’t be more understanding since they described James as feisty and a monkey. He’s good on shots until next month and they told us several times that they can neuter him at the same time. So, we’ll definitely be getting those two things out of the way.

    I’m hoping for a better update in the very near future.

    1. It’s still there but it’s not OMG NEW GAIME!..
    2. Muahhahahahah!

    Our Nightly Routine

    Posted on: August 3rd, 2013 by Randi 1 Comment

    Apparently, Reese and I have a nightly routine. Every night I go up the bathroom. She follows me, so I just let her in. I didn’t think much of it. She sits in the tub, myself on the toilet since it’s too late to go outside and I have a cigarette. I turn on the bathtub faucet so that she can drink from it because she attempts to anyway. She gets sick of it and I turn it off. Then she rolls around in the tub while I rub her belly. Our bathroom is very small.

    Earlier, she wasn’t around when I went to the bathroom. At least I thought she wasn’t. It wasn’t bed time so I didn’t think much of it. Then I hear her meow. Then she sticks her paw under the door. Then she attempts to get her face under the door. All the while, she is meowing at me loudly. As soon as I was done, I opened the door and she came running in and jumped into the tub while meowing at me. So, I turned on the faucet and waited while she drank. Because I wasn’t sitting she was very uneasy and got bored very quickly.

    So, I made sure to end the night with our bathroom routine. She is currently sitting on the floor staring at me.

    Clearly, this is very weird. However, you don’t know Reese very well. She is such a skittish cat that she has to be in the right mood, place, time of day, etc in order for you to pet her. I love her very much and I accept the way she is. I wish she could be more loving and jump into my lap like Phantom does but she is who she is. So, instead, I do what I have to to spend time with her. Even if that means sitting in the bathroom with her for an extra 10 minutes to give her all the love that she wants.

    I’m a crazy cat lady..

    Wordless Wednesday: Paw Prints in the Tub

    Posted on: July 31st, 2013 by Randi 1 Comment



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