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    This is Home

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    Well, we’re moved in and it feels so good. Everything went so smoothly and I can not even describe how thankful I am for Andrew and Zack. Both of them did fantastic and they worked so hard. I didn’t work nearly as hard as they did but I am so damn sore. (I can’t wait to take a bath!!) Andrew’s day started off with him feeling like shit but eventually he started to feel better and move quicker with packing the truck.

    The dogs were moved over first because someone had to wait for the gas people to come. I didn’t want to leave the dogs at the house without me because they go nuts. They did amazing and they love their new yard. Last task of the night was getting the kitties over. They are taking it very hard and a couple are still getting used to the house. Reese has been wandering more and exploring when she’s used to hiding. Loki, my brave, fearless, pain in the ass is prying open cupboards to hide. The bravest ones usually fall apart the hardest. (Last time it was Bella who hid under the fridge for 4 days)

    Overall things are slowly getting into place and this home is coming together. We have plans to buy pieces of furniture and upgrade other. I can’t wait to hang photo frames and such. I’m so excited to make this place ours.


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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Today is Thanksgiving and tomorrow is our moving day! My mom had postponed Thanksgiving because everyone in her household was sick. I received a call at 10:00am this morning that my great aunt’s husband became very sick (hoping everything is okay with him) and my mom needed to take my grandma out to Ohio. So, the kids were shuffled to us.

    Because of the holiday postponement Andrew and I decided to still do a very small Thanksgiving for just the two of us and we bought the stuff last night. Today we looked completely unprepared when we located a grocery store that was open until 3:00pm today carrying what looked like a full Thanksgiving dinner to the register. We just needed to double everything we had but it didn’t look like that, I’m sure. (Another reason to not assume things about people) So, the kids are with us and my mom who had planned to take the day off to rest is now traveling 6+ hours to Ohio in holiday traffic.

    This is the first time Andrew or I have ever cooked a turkey and while I’ve helped make holiday dinners before, I’ve never taken the reigns. I guess now that I’m married it’s time that changes since going forward I’ll be taking over holidays (okay, okay, maybe just becoming the venue) since my house is bigger. Moving day is the day right after Thanksgiving and we’ll be spending time with Andrew’s family this Christmas so that won’t happen until Easter.

    Tomorrow we’ll be getting up early to go pick up our truck and get this moving day on the road. With all of the luck in the world (and it’s not looking good with recent events/our track record) everything will go well and tomorrow we will be in our new home!

    I hope you all have a very happy, full, and safe Thanksgiving!

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    We bought a home!

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    Yes, you read that right. Our very first home. We are both so very excited and can’t wait to move in. We’re in the process of painting and will be moving in the day after Thanksgiving. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an open floor plan, a nice yard for the doggies, laundry room and all new appliances. We’ll have central air in the summer time and the previous owners had cats too so their are carpeted shelves hung above the doors in the hallway.

    We’ve been trying to get out of this shitty neighborhood for so long and now we finally can. It’s a very nice, quiet area. We’re not far from my mom and siblings either. However, my brother, Patrick, will be moving out. This will be just Andrew and me. It’s so exciting. This means the beginning of so many good things and memories. I can’t even believe we are finally there.

    Once we’re in and begin to make some changes, I’ll be posting more photos. It only needs a little bit of work, all cosmetic, and we are so excited to do it because it’s OURS. I can’t wait for the nice weather so I can paint the door and start to garden. We are beside ourselves with excitement. We can’t wait to be moved in.

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    Prevention is Key in Pet Joint Issues

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    Anyone who has had a dog knows how heartbreaking it is to see them going through hip and joint issues later in life. Supplements crafted according to holistic standards will often provide animals with the relief that they need from pain. In addition to helping animals who already have joint issues, these products also help younger animals before they develop these symptoms.

    What Ingredients Make the Difference?

    There are several natural solutions known to help dogs with existing joint issues, as swell as possibly prevent these issues from developing. One of the most effective remedies for joint pain in dogs is cetyl myristoleate, which pet guardians use to provide their treasured companions with steady relief. MSM and glucosamine also help dogs with joint issues, with the combination of these ingredients bringing about a major difference in the results.

    Getting Dogs to Take It

    If you check out more on cetyl m for dogs, you will find that this type of supplement comes in handy forms that your dog will eat very willingly. It’s always easier to give your dog a supplement when it’s in a chewable form that can be used as a treat. The good thing about supplements that are formulated the right way is that they are safe for dogs with allergies.

    The Holistic Difference

    Although holistic vets have been around a long time, many people with pets are just now realizing the importance of holistic veterinary medicine and what it can do for their dog. The guidance of a holistic vet can help people determine which supplements are the safest for their dog. Vets who use a holistic approach can also provide valuable advice on vaccinations, as well as food. Many of the common health problems that dogs face are easily resolved with holistic approaches.

    Joint supplements for your dog can help him, or her enjoy their later years in comfort. When your dog can get the nutrients they need more easily, you can be well-assured that your pet will enjoy life to the fullest without as many potential pain issues.

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    Dear America

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    Dear America,

    Why? You elected a man who does not respect nor care for non-whites, women, LGBTQ+, disabled. He even insulted our veterans and POWs.  I’m horrified and shocked that this is the country I live in, that I have been so proud to be a part of. We went back 50 years today. The fear and tears seen last night on the news, at rallies, on social media, it’s real. We are frightened for ourselves and our brothers and sisters. If you aren’t scared, you have nothing to lose and that’s great for you. We do. I thought we were moving forward and I didn’t truly believe he would win. I’m hurt that half of our country feels this way.

    The only good to come of it is knowing we will get there. Those between 18-25 voted mostly Dem.

    Source: Eliza Byard (@EByard on Twitter)


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    Three Simple Ways To Keep Your Company On The Road To Growth

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    Generally, one of the business owner’s primary objectives is keeping the company on the road to perpetual expansion. Luckily, there are multiple methodologies you can employ to attain the desired outcome. Below you will find three simple ways to keep your company on the road to growth:

    1. Update Your Commercial Equipment.

    One of the best ways to keep your company on the road to growth is by updating your commercial equipment. This strategy is empowering because it will help ensure that the devices and machines you and the staff use to complete daily processes are functioning optimally. When this happens, you’ll typically be able to get more done in less time. If you are in need of obtaining new wireless technology like Airlink Raven rv50, you can obtain it from the Wireless Phone Gallery.

    2. Obtain Public Relations (PR) Services.

    In addition to updating your commercial equipment, make sure that you obtain professional PR services. This strategy will empower you to optimize your relationship with influential media officials like bloggers, journalists, and reporters. Additionally, obtaining PR services will enable you to optimize your public image in a manner that helps you optimize and expedite the relationship-building process that leads a prospective customer to conversion. Some of the PR services that a firm might offer include:

    • Strategic planning
    • Media relations
    • Crisis communications
    • Social media strategy
    • Blogger relations
    • Event planning and execution
    • Investor relations
    • Media coverage analysis
    • Writing and editing materials
    • Key message development
    • Thought leadership positioning
    • Securing speaking engagements
    • Media kit development
    • Social media press releases

    3. Put Your Health First.

    One final strategy you can deploy to keep your organization on the road to growth is putting your health first. Doing so will help optimize your energy levels while also promoting a better memory and clearer thinking. There are numerous techniques you can employ to facilitate the health optimization process. Some of them include:

    • investing in a monthly massage
    • meditating
    • flossing
    • volunteering
    • reading self-help books
    • weight-lifting

    Don’t Delay: Put Your Company On The Road To Growth!

    Company leaders who want their organizations to grow continually should know that they can implement strategies to increase the likelihood of perpetual expansion. Three strategies that can help you realize the goal of ongoing growth include updating your commercial equipment, obtaining PR services, and putting your health first. Implement these techniques now to begin seeing the dynamic results you want!

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    Making Sweet Treats With Cookies

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    Cookie bouquets are a fun way to show someone you are thinking about them or to celebrate a special occasion, such as a holiday or a birthday. There are a few tips that you can use if you want to make your own cookie bouquet instead of ordering one online or if you want to make bouquets to sell as a way to make a little extra money.

    First, you need to come up with a theme. If you’re making the bouquet for someone else, then it will likely be for a holiday, birthday or a special occasion, making it easier to have the theme in mind. You could do pumpkins and witches for Halloween, birds in either pink or blue for a baby shower or party hats for a birthday. The ideas are limitless, but you need to have the proper cookie cutters in order to make the cookies that are needed. You also need to have the icing and craft sticks to insert in the cookies before they are baked.

    Use a variety of sticks when you’re baking the cookies. If you have an assortment of small and large sizes, it will be easier to arrange them so that they look like a flower bouquet when you put everything together. When you’re looking for a container, find one that blends with the kind of cookies that you’re making. Don’t use a wooden box for an elegant bouquet or a glass container for a bouquet for a child. You can always add paint to the container so that it matches the decorations on the cookies, but if you can find something in the color that you want, then it will make the process a little easier.

    Add paper or a shredded material to the bottom of the container before adding foam blocks. You could wrap the blocks with paper so that they aren’t seen. The sticks will be placed in the blocks to keep them in place. After the cookies are baked, you can decorate them once they are cool. Wrap them in plastic so that they don’t get damaged while in transit to the recipient.

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    Getting More Productivity From Work Groups

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    If you are part of a work group at your job, then you know how difficult it can be to stay organized. No matter how many meetings you have, someone is inevitably going to go off track and get lost in what they are supposed to do. Work group inefficiency was a way of life until technology presented these convenient and helpful tools that keep everyone on the same page.

    Video Conferencing

    One of the problems work groups from large companies have is that they can often be spread out to three or four different areas. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to do a conference call and having people cutting in and out, or people miss out on information completely. Video conferencing is convenient because the entire group can actually see each other, and the more advanced video conferencing solutions have interactive documents and real-time document printing that anyone in the group can use.

    Cloud Computing

    If there has been one major advance in technology that has really helped work groups, it is cloud computing. With the cloud, workers anywhere can access the work group’s data and get things done. This means that work group members can access the company’s shared storage solutions from home to get work done after hours. It also means that work group members who are traveling can still access the data they need and become meaningful parts of group conversations.

    File Sharing

    Anyone who has worked in a group before knows the horrors of file sharing. Even if the entire group is using the same word processor or presentation software title, those documents will be hard to share if everyone has a different version of the software. File sharing software allows work group members to share documents and converts documents into formats that are compatible on all platforms. The most popular universal file sharing format is the PDF, but there are other formats that are used to make sure that everyone can read important group documents.

    Work groups serve essential functions in any company, and a good work group can make a good company even stronger. But there has always been obstacles to creating productive work groups that cause frustration and even anger. Thanks to technology, those obstacles have been removed and now work groups can get down to doing the job they were hired for in the first place.

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    Plan Backyard Activities for Your Kids This Summer

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    A lot of parents wish their kids were growing up in a different world. They think about the time when they grew up or what it was like when their parents were growing up. Lots kids played in the neighborhood with other kids. They would play baseball, ride bikes, or just run around in the yards of the neighbors playing tag and other games. And while it is true that the modern world is a lot different and more dangerous, this does not mean that kids need to spend their entire summer watching movies and playing video games.

    Parents can make sure that their children have lots of activities to engage in outdoors. It is always a good idea to plan camping trips and hiking days when parents have time off from work. However, the backyard is a great place for the kids to play. It is fun to invite over friends, neighborhood kids, and cousins to play outdoor games like tag, hide and go seek, or play with a ball or other simple toys. Parents can make backyard fun even more exciting by purchasing playground equipment or the official cornhole game. When children have things to do in the backyard, they will run around, get exercise, socialize with other kids, and enjoy some fresh air.

    It is also a fun idea to include water activities. There are lots of different games on the market that include using the hose, or even simply playing in the sprinkler can be a lot of fun. Throwing water balloons is also a great way to get the kids outside and having fun on hot days during the summer. This can be a fun family activity. Depending on the size of your backyard and your budget, you may want to have a pool installed. There are pros and cons for having an above ground pool installed as well as installing one in the ground. If this is a good idea for your home and family, the kids will be able to enjoy exercise in the pool, lots of fun, and escape the summer heat.

    Spending time in the backyard as a family is a great way for everyone to enjoy time with each other. Parents need to plan fun activities so that everyone can stay occupied and get some exercise while being together.

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    9 Years

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    aboutmepic9 years ago, Andrew and I sat on my couch, his head in my lap, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I had been waiting for that moment for a while and as simple as it sounds, it was the sweetest thing. When I said yes, he kissed me and my eyes welled up. I was 16 years old and I thought he was cute and funny and so smart. I never thought we’d be here, 9 years later, getting ready to get married. You don’t meet the one at 16 unless you’re in a movie and I thought it would take me a long time.

    I can’t say for certain when we crossed over from gf/bf to soul mates. I guess I expected there to be a definitive moment. There wasn’t, it just happened gradually. You could say that I knew it was something really special when we made it through months of being long distance when I went away to school. Nobody expected it to work, and as much as I loved him even I was fearful. I watched my friends’ relationships drop like flies around me. We spoke every night and texted all day. It was a rough 6 months but we made it through.  We did it again when he had to move and thanks to my mom and grandma they made sure I never went too long without seeing him. I hated when he would go and one day he came over and just never left.

    He was there for me when I lost my grandfather and couldn’t have been more sweet and comforting. I was there for him when he lost his father. Every single one of his tears shattered my heart. We’ve been through a lot together and we will go through a hell of a lot more. He is my best friend and I can’t imagine not having him in my life. I have no idea where I’d be. He has been with me for more than 1/3 of my life and I have many more memories of us together than not.

    I still get butterflies with him and he makes me laugh uncontrollably constantly. We make bad jokes and laugh at each other. We fight like an old married couple and I call him Walter and he calls me Diane. He’s my player 2 and we yell at each other when we are bad. He does whatever he can to put a smile on my face. The love I feel for him is beyond words. He is my entire world.

    Neither of us is really interested in an extravagant display of a wedding. We aren’t comfortable with getting up in front of a bunch of people and prefer to avoid public displays of affection. Weddings are expensive and a lot of work to plan. Sure, I’d be happy to have a wedding if someone else planned and paid for it. That’s not happening for us and both of us would much prefer to put any extra money towards a house. So, that’s what we planned to do.

    Andrew and I have are having a self uniting marriage1. We are tying the knot ourselves. I’m not worrying about possibly regretting not having a wedding. If we decide we do want one, we can do a vow renewal down the road. What’s important is we are married. What’s important is that I finally get to call the man I love my husband. We applied for the license yesterday and will get our license on Monday. Even if we need to wait until Monday for it to be “legal”, for all intents and purposes we are married and I haven’t been able to stop smiling since.

    1. A self-uniting marriage is one in which the couple are married without the presence of a third-party officiant. Although non-denominational, this method of getting married is sometimes referred to as a “Quaker Marriage”.
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