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    While is generally a public blog, there are somethings that I prefer to keep between friends. In this case, posts can be hidden from the world and only visible to friends of this blog. Other times, a blog post may require a password, however, that is very rare.

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    Obviously, whatever is written in private posts must remain private. Do not share or speak of information in my entries unless given permission. Private posts are hidden for a reason and you may not know who I am hiding it from.

    If you find that a post has a password restriction, do not worry. You are more than welcome to contact me to obtain the password. Please do not share this password with anyone. Anyone caught sharing passwords will be blocked from my blog. If you do not receive the password, do not take this personally. There are some entries that are super personal that I may only share with 1 or 2 people. This almost never happens, though.


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I’m Randi, short for RandiLynn. I am a 25 year old blogger, web developer, furmama, and gamer from Northeast PA. I live with my husband and 7 animals. I live, eat, and sleep HTML & CSS. I spend my time creating pretty web stuff, blogging, gaming or binge-watching TV shows.

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