It’s the little things

    Posted on: December 2nd, 2012 by Randi No Comments

    I can’t really say I’ve beaten the game because Andrew did that about 2 weeks ago and is still playing. However, I have collected all 8 badges and beaten the Elite Four on Pokemon White 2.


    I’m so excited!! This is the farthest I’ve ever gotten in a Pokemon game. 🙂 It really is the little things in life.

    Ermahgerd, Brack Ahps 2

    Posted on: November 18th, 2012 by Randi No Comments

    Andrew got Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (or Blops 2, if you ask him) on Thursday. My mom got it for Zack on Wednesday. So, we currently have 2 copies in the house. With only 2 working Xboxes it fits.
    I wanted to start playing last night but it ended up not happening. I can’t remember why exactly.

    However, Andrew revived my old Halo ODST controller. I lent it to one of the kids like a year ago and when I got it back the Y button was so sticky that it got stuck. Looking for an extra controller, Andrew reminded me that I had it. He opened it up, wiped off a few buttons and it’s good as new. 🙂

    I’m currently about halfway through the Black Ops 2 Campaign and am hoping to finish it tonight. I have yet to finish a game completely without Andrew by my side. Well, me holding down the fort (so we don’t lose check points or spawn areas) and Andrew running and gunning because I am THAT bad. Since there is no co-op on this game, I’m on my own. Usually, I would have just jumped into multiplayer but it’s been such a long time since I’ve played, that I figured I could relearn the controls by playing the story. Not bad so far. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to get back to it.

    So, I shall leave you with this.


    He loves my crazy

    Posted on: October 21st, 2012 by Randi 3 Comments

    You all know I’m crazy, right? Well, if you didn’t, you’re about to find out. I am very particular about things. Everything has to be perfect or I have mini meltdowns. It’s happened for years and it can be traced way back to when I was in elementary school. I hated my handwriting. HATED.. IT! I would attempt to do my homework or assignments and I would draw each letter slowly. If it wasn’t right, I would rip the page out (and rip all the little scraggly pieces from the coils) and start over. This was especially terrible when I was almost done. I always preferred a pencil because I felt it was easier to control and a lot easier to erase than starting from scratch. Eventually, I stopped doing my homework because it was too much of a hassle. People told me all the time that I had beautiful handwriting. I didn’t think so. Honestly, my saving grace was getting a computer. All typed words (providing it’s the same font) look the same. I typed papers all the time. Then I switched to homeschooling which required it.

    That was probably the worst effect it had on me growing up. Now it’s on other little things. Things that don’t really effect others but they effect me. A couple months ago, my mom got me a used DSi. I wanted it in blue because it was the prettiest. I was fine until I opened it up. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I had wanted one for a while. I asked if she saved the receipt. My mom gets me so she knew where I was going with it. It was a tiny bit dirty (but nothing that couldn’t be wiped off) but it had dings and worst of all, the hinge is loose.

    I wasn’t terribly upset by it’s flaws but I was unhappy. I know it sounds insane and it’s a definite first world problem. But it’s how I am. I can’t help it. Sometimes, I am able to ignore little things like that and I did. I did ignore it for a while. I ignored the whole system. When I attempted to return it to GameStop for a use DSi in better condition, the guy looked at me like I was nuts. He didn’t seem overly eager to help by brushing me off with, “I doubt we have anything better.”

    Recently, Pokemon Black and White 2 was released in the US. Yesterday, Andrew got Pokemon Black 2 and wanted to play it. He was using mine which I don’t mind, we can share. But he wanted his own so we could play simultaneously (He plays black and I play white) and trade Pokemon. So, off to GameStop we went. On the way, he decided that he would buy a brand new one and we would trade.

    So, I have a brand new Blue DSi and Andrew is playing on my old one. He definitely made my week. 😀

    [It’s sooooo prettty! :D]

    He ordered me a card for it and I should be getting next week so that we can play together. He’s already a lot farther than I am and he may even finish the game by the time I start mine. But he can play for a while afterwards. Also, by beating the champion of The Elite Four, he can unlock hard mode so he’ll want to play again. Pokemon White 2, on the other hand, offers up an easy mode after beating The Elite Four.

    Anyway, I thought it was cute. He knew it drove me insane and even though it didn’t bother him, he understood. I love that he gets me and accepts my craziness. <3


    I have a problem..

    Posted on: April 18th, 2012 by Randi No Comments

    Over the weekend, Andrew and I had a few drinks. Since he was playing video games, I decided to install the last 2 expansion packs for the Sims 3, Master Suite Stuff and Showtime. Since then, I have been playing nonstop. For the first time ever I didn’t start off with a family. I decided to be single for a while, build my career, and whore around. I’ve moved several times, however, since every Sims fanatic knows the best part of the game is to decorate and design your homes. I also get to do that for a living in game as an architectural designer.

    I feel like I’m rambling now but I love this game so much. 😀 I wish I was playing it right now but I’ve got to get dinner started.

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