The Weekend Begins at 5!

    Posted on: March 3rd, 2017 by Randi No Comments

    Since I am still confined to the house any plans of going out to eat or seeing Logan this weekend are ruined. I hope it’s not much longer.

    Anyway, the Nintendo Switch came out today and because we couldn’t get a preorder, we weren’t expecting to get it. We really want to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and although we can play on the Wii U, we know it’s going to look better on the Switch. We knew we’d be buying one soon. Who are we kidding, as soon as could get our hands on one.

    Andrew went to go scope out some stores and could only find the grey (we really wanted the colored joy-cons!). Like, he was tripping over them. So, I said if they have the joy-cons in stock, grab a grey console. When Mario Kart comes out, we’ll need 4 anyway. We’ll have something fun to do this weekend.

    I’m now eagerly waiting for 5:00pm when Andrew is home and I am off work for us to start this weekend!

    We’re going to MINECON!

    Posted on: May 7th, 2016 by Randi No Comments

    Image courtesy of


    We’re going to MineCon 2016!

    A couple of weeks ago, right after it was announced, we decided we could totally go to MineCon. I hadn’t said anything because I wasn’t sure how getting tickets would go. They went on sale last night at 9:00pm EST. Andrew and I were ready to take it on, even though he was more excited for the Nvidia announcement (Andrew will be upgrading in a few weeks, woot-woot! which means I get his gfx card!) that started at the same time. The clock struck 9, the green button appeared and we were off. By the time it loaded, Andrew’s journey had ended with an “Unavailable” and I was typing faster than I have ever typed in my life. I was done in 2 minutes!


    Andrew and I don’t travel, ever. We’ve gone to visit family in New York, and once we went to Massachusetts to go to an arcade VERY early in our relationship. We’ve talked about planning a trip for our honeymoon but really, we’re just happy being together and with our video games. When I saw MineCon announced last year, I was very upset that it was in London, not like I would have gone. I kept saying, “If it’s in America next year, I’m going. I don’t care if it’s in California.” Well, I would have preferred the east coast, but I’ll take it!




    Posted on: October 12th, 2013 by Randi 1 Comment

    I probably should have made this post sooner but I’m going to be somewhat absent for the week.


    Obviously, Pokemon is out and I’m spending all of my time on that. So, if you find yourself missing me, like I know you will, find me on Facebook or Twitter.

    A Splurge

    Posted on: August 12th, 2013 by Randi 3 Comments

    Andrew is very careful to stay on top of the bills. He seems to have everything worked out well. On Friday, he said to me that he had about $2000 from both jobs in the bank and $700 was the rent. He paid one of the bills and the others are for later in the month, after his next check. He decided to treat himself, both of us, really.

    We knew we were getting a kinect on Saturday and Dance Central was on the top of his list. He also decided to get a 3DS. So, we went off to GameStop. We got a 3DS, 2 3DS games, Dance Central for the Xbox, and Infamous for PS3. The last two were BOGO at $8.99 each. Then we went to Walmart to grab Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

    Despite being a launch title, Ocarina of time is $40 both brand new and pre-owned. Walmart had it for $32, we thought. We went to Walmart where the guy behind the electronics counter told us that it was the Site-to-Store price and that it was $37 in the store. Of course, we could have paid the extra cash but we decided to buy it, while standing in Walmart on their website and ship it to the store. They already had it in stock so we knew it wouldn’t be a long wait. We went to Subway to have dinner and got the email while we were eating. So, we went back and picked it up.

    On Saturday, we went and got the kinect and then went to “The Video Game Store” in Wilkes-Barre. We have one in Scranton but the main store is WB. Andrew grabbed a few games there, including a Zelda game for the NES. Then we came home and got to playing. Andrew set up the 3DS and messed around a little bit. Then he switched to the kinect to play Dance Central. I decided to play Ocarina of Time.

    I know I’ve talked bad about the 3D but whenever I had a chance to see it in person, it was over Andrew’s shoulder in GameStop. The 3D doesn’t work that way. Seeing it in person AND playing a childhood favorite (OMG, it’s so pretty), I loved it. It’s a lot better than I would have imagine. AND it’s a must for Pokemon X and Y that comes out in October.

    The only issue I’m having is that I want to play it while he plays. Sharing a system isn’t working. He said we might be able to get me one next check. I hope so. I really want Animal Crossing, too. I’ve heard great things about it, namely how addicting it is.

    I’ve also decided I’m going to recommend getting a 3DS to my mom for Breya. Her birthday is at the end of the month but I don’t think she’ll be able to do it. I’m thinking a possible joint present from my mom and me for Christmas..? I know she’ll love it and ill be able to get her to play Animal Crossing with me. 🙂

    Thinking with Portals

    Posted on: May 19th, 2013 by Randi 2 Comments

    It’s been a while since I’ve played any games besides The Sims or Pokemon here and there. I decided to check out Portal. I’ve watched Andrew play it before and it seemed like fun. I guess I never really got the gist of it because I am awful at puzzle games. I got to the last test chamber and decided to call it quits for the night, at least. I haven’t gotten back to it yet simply because Andrew has been here and he despises watching people suck at his favorite games. It makes me self conscious when he watches so I’ll probably try again when he isn’t home.


    The game is fun but it’s difficult. It can be a bit confusing at times and I’ve learned, with Andrew’s help, that to get through most of the puzzles I have to do a manuever that I can’t stand and can’t seem to get right a lot of the time. He’s not very helpful, either. All he ever says is, “You’re not thinking with Portals!” As if it’s a language!


    Also, I just love how well everything runs on my beastly computer. It’s all so smooth, nothing looks likes it’s stuttering or skipping. It’s just so beautiful. Eventually, I’ll return to it. I just have to wait for him to go back to work.


    We’ve also got Portal 2 so I’ll be trying that out, too. I just want to finish Portal so I can say I did. lol Andrew has a huge Steam Library that I’ll work on getting through. Maybe I’ll set up a video game blog so strangers can laugh at me while I post my rants and Let’s Play videos as I shamefully attempt to get through a bunch of games that I have no business playing.

    The Torch Has Been Passed

    Posted on: March 26th, 2013 by Randi 2 Comments

    I passed on my addiction of Sims CC to my cousin and best friend. We discovered the game together years ago and in a phone call this week, she mentioned she hadn’t played in a while. We got into the discussion of bad CC from The Exchange and I told her a few tricks of my own.

    Yesterday, I helped her set up her Mods folder and showed her a popular site to download safe(r) CC to use.

    Today she called to ask how to make them naked so I am packaging up a few files for her. I think she’s going to enjoy the game a bit more..

    Something to bond over

    Posted on: March 24th, 2013 by Randi No Comments

    It’s easy to tell that we are gamers if you take a look inside our closet, or even just around our room.

    When Andrew and I got together in 2007, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I didn’t know what an Xbox was. We had had play stations (1 and 2, fat and slim) in the house, and a box of NESs that my mom had for years. We had had a Sega Genesis that I used to play Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, and even PageMaster on. The only system I could play for months on end was my GameBoy Color.
    Shortly after Andrew and I got together, he bought one. The Halo 3 limited edition one1. Since I wanted to play with him, I bought my old friend’s used one off of him. It gave us something to bond over since it didn’t seem like we had much in common, initially.
    In the last few years, I’ve only played off and on. When I went away to school, my little brother kind of inherited it. If I wanted to play, I could use Andrew’s. The only issues came when we wanted to co-op a game. Usually, i made my brother keep his home when he went to his Dad’s so that we could play. Andrew has several spare Xboxes that he received from friends because they didn’t work or he just bought a new one when his went.
    Which brings me back to my original point. Recently, MY Xbox broke. Since my brother used it full time, my mom got him a new one for his birthday. A week or two ago, Andrew decided to pull mine apart. He found a crayon inside and a shit ton of dust covering the laser. A little elbow grease and it’s back to working. This made Andrew decide to try and fix the other 5 in our closet. He can remember what’s wrong with each one of them2, and only 2 have a RRoD that he can’t fix without parts. So, he plans to send them out when he has more money.
    His original Halo Xbox has a disc drive problem and while he intends to fix it, he decided to give me the casing for my Xbox3. 🙂 While writing this, he finished it. So, here’s a picture:
    My "new" Halo xbox next to my old casing.

    My “new” Halo xbox next to my old casing.

    I’m happy to have an Xbox of my own again and maybe that and one of my christmas presents will inspire me to play more. I miss my FPS games 4 like Halo, Gears, and CoD. I also became interested in playing through the Dead Rising games. So, we’ll see.
    1. For the record, I’m talking about 360’s here
    2. He continues to impress me everyday.
    3. I’ve always loved it.
    4. Screw you.

    My First Sims Build

    Posted on: March 9th, 2013 by Randi No Comments

    I’ve been playing non-stop, really. Whenever I’m not playing, Angie is playing and dragging me back into the nightmare that is Custom Content. Really. I try to avoid it and she brings me back in. Then, she gets out, I’m still stuck and I suck her back in. It’s really a vicious circle. I think we might spend more time downloading content than we do playing.

    Anyway, it’s been 3 days since the release of The Sims 3: University Life and I’ve yet to find a good dorm worth downloading. I’m a bit shocked. So, being as impatient as I am, I decided to go ahead and build my own. I’m not a builder. I prefer to download so I can get to the point of the game and simulate life. Not today. I decided to do it myself and honestly, I’m pretty impressed. I love the modern and simple look of it and I especially love the colors.

    I may offer it for download in the future. I’m a bit attached to it, though, since it took me a few hours.

    If you play The Sims, do you prefer to use existing lots, download some, or create your own?

    I Am Almost Ready For University Life

    Posted on: March 3rd, 2013 by Randi No Comments

    Since Angie’s sister sent me a bunch of Worlds for my Sims game, I figured I would blog while I wait for them to install. After Andrew redid my computer, he also attempted to Overclock it which my computer decided to laugh at. It left me sitting here in shock as it blue-screened 3 or 4 times. I whined at Andrew and he fixed it. So, I had no more issues with that. However, I ran into a bunch of problems with my game.

    Let me start by telling you that on Friday I was optimistic about playing my game. Then I kept running into more and more CC1. So, when I finally got ready to play, I realized that I was missing a lot of the CC that I had already had and started gradually adding it back. Once I did that, then I ran into an issue, that lasted 5 hours of me trying to figure out why my extra Worlds weren’t loading. 5 hours! When I finally fixed that. I couldn’t enter a house to play. So, I had to have Angie walk me through a Clean Folder fix where we discovered some of the mods I added, were breaking my game. This took a while but in the end, Angie just sent me her Mods folder and that seemed to have fixed it. Obviously, those mods aren’t really as compatible with 1.50 as they claim to be. So, finally! I’m ready to play. I open up Create-A-Sim and my custom Sims to start making my UL Sims. What do I find but NONE of my custom Sims are there. Another 5-6 hours of me attempting to find the broken .sim file. After that, I was happy with the few Sims I could get loaded and decided to start fresh with all the others.

    So, at about 3AM last night/this morning, I was finally able to start making my University Life Sims. I have to say that I am very happy with the way they turned out.


    Their names are Aubrey and Ryan Pierce and they are siblings. I do know that Aubrey’s lifetime wish is to be Super Popular whereas Ryan’s is undecided2 I’m not entirely sure that Ryan is finished because I want him to be nerdy and yet he came out a hunk.

    Also, thanks to Angie, I’ve discovered PosePlayer so make my Sims pose for pictures. Here is Aubrey’s photoshoot:


    1. It’s an addictions, people.
    2. I want to see if they have any game dev related Lifetime Wishes in UL.

    Re-Simming my Computer

    Posted on: February 27th, 2013 by Randi 1 Comment

    I thought about it over the weekend and decided to do a fresh install of my Sims games so that I can have it running in tip-top shape for University Life. When I mentioned this to Andrew, he decided to upgrade my Windows from 32-bit to 64-bit (he’s been wanting to for a while and found the perfect opportunity). So, I just finished installing my games today and am LOVING how fast they run. Unfortunately  it’s now time to go through and find the mods and CC I want to use. My goal is to keep it organized and try to avoid that stupid centaur outfit, 95% of Simmers know what I’m talking about, that insists of popping up in my game.

    I also figured out, thanks to Andrew, that I’ve been running it at the wrong resolution. When Andrew changed it, the difference was night and day. Not sure how I’ve been playing all this time like that.

    I’m so glad I got them all installed without much issue. I’ve got my mod stuff installed and it’s time to go shopping for some.

    I’m happy to have a fresh install of Windows, too, because my computer isn’t bogged down with crap. I think that’s helping the game, too. I’ve been TRYING to save my money so that I can update stuff in my computer. I just don’t see it happening. I’m hoping to be able to speed it up. I only need it fast enough to play the Sims. I just want it lightening fast. 😀

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