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    I’m Randi. I’m 25-ish. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just kind of winging it. I jump from project to project, game to game, idea to idea. I can never make up my mind and I’m almost never satisfied. I’m a virtual assistant and I like my job. I won’t say love because my dream job is to be paid to do nothing all day. Surprisingly, no one has come up to me and said, “Randi, I like your face. Here’s $5,000.” This hypothetical person would have a top hat, monocle, and be walking a cat/or a walking cat. I’m not sure.

    I got married to Andrew in October of 2016. We had been together since October of 2007. We have no kids yet because we can’t be trusted to make cereal by ourselves. We do, however, have a bunch of animals. We’ve lost count sometime after my second fish tank. Some meow, some go woof, and some swim in their own poop.

    At some point, I’ll put more info into my About Me. Until then, read a few posts and get inside my head.


    My email address is randiftw@gmail.com and I’m fairly quick to replying. If you do not receive an email back in 48 hours, try again or use on the methods below to contact me.

    Skype: randiftw


    Xbox Live: PassMyShotgun
    3DS: 0705-3125-9013
    Steam: Randichu
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I’m Randi, short for RandiLynn. I am a 25 year old blogger, web developer, furmama, and gamer from Northeast PA. I live with my husband and 7 animals. I live, eat, and sleep HTML & CSS. I spend my time creating pretty web stuff, blogging, gaming or binge-watching TV shows.

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