Getting Ready For a Hunting Trip

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The first time a person goes out on a hunting trip, it is a truly amazing experience and eye-opening lesson in what to really pack for the trip. Most people have unrealistic expectations of what to bring, whether it’s hunting in the woods or backpacking through the hills, and packs can be heavily laden with useless things. What to bring into the woods always depends on length of stay and the overall conditions of the environment. Understanding the weather, type of terrain, and water sources available are the first steps before planning a trip.

Most people rely upon guided hunting trips for their first experiences and usually the instructor, or guide, will explain all that is necessary to bring for the length of the visit in the woods. Others decide to just go into the hills alone, or with a few friends, and if nobody is an expert, then it is necessary to understand what to bring from the beginning.

Make a List and Check It Twice

Once a person knows where they are going and what type of animal they will be hunting, then the next step is to make a checklist for supplies. First, it is best to decide what to bring. Then, it’s time to gather up the necessary gear and check off everything to make sure nothing is forgotten. Forgetting a valuable piece of gear, especially a GPS, can be a costly and, sometimes, dangerous mistake to make.

The Important Stuff

Speaking of GPS, that is an essential item on the list. Along with a multi-tool, a nice sharp knife, and a good backpack with a frame, these should always be the first items on the list for anyone going off into the wilderness for more than a day hike. If the plan is to stay out for several days, make sure that a decent tent and sleeping bag rated for the elements is on the list. A good water filtration system is key if water is not potable. Also, bring enough clothes to cover the trip and make sure to bring long johns if the nights are cold.

Rounding Off the List

Anything else brought along depends on factors like if a person is going to cook and what type of weapons will be used in the hunt. Bringing game bags, tools to repair weapons, game calls, and decoys are all essential items in the world of the hunter enthusiast.

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