The Weekend Begins at 5!

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Since I am still confined to the house any plans of going out to eat or seeing Logan this weekend are ruined. I hope it’s not much longer.

Anyway, the Nintendo Switch came out today and because we couldn’t get a preorder, we weren’t expecting to get it. We really want to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and although we can play on the Wii U, we know it’s going to look better on the Switch. We knew we’d be buying one soon. Who are we kidding, as soon as could get our hands on one.

Andrew went to go scope out some stores and could only find the grey (we really wanted the colored joy-cons!). Like, he was tripping over them. So, I said if they have the joy-cons in stock, grab a grey console. When Mario Kart comes out, we’ll need 4 anyway. We’ll have something fun to do this weekend.

I’m now eagerly waiting for 5:00pm when Andrew is home and I am off work for us to start this weekend!

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