I’m Doing Everything Wrong, As Usual

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I had an appointment with physical therapy yesterday morning. I was nervous that the visit would leave me more painful than when I entered but that wasn’t the case.

My physical therapist, Ashley, explained my injury to me in a way that I understood it completely. I also learned that everything I was doing was wrong and everything I thought was wrong, was right.

I’ve been afraid to do anything that causes pain for fear of making the whole thing worse. When the reality is that the pain means I’m doing something right. I herniated my disc and like when you squeeze a jelly doughnut, the stuff inside needs to go somewhere. In this case, it went the way that is pressing on a nerve (like the photo). I need to get it to go the other way, the opposite (extension) of how I hurt it (inflection). So my “comfortable” position on my back isn’t helping and I should be laying on my stomach. This is painful, of course, but by doing a few exercises that she showed me, the pain moved closer to my injury and away from my calf. This was a good sign.

I have 2 appointments next week but two sheets of exercises to work on in the mean time. I still don’t know what this means in regards to my appointment with the surgeon in a couple of weeks but hopefully I won’t have to deal with this pain any more either way.

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