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Recently, I had to block a family member for sharing information that wasn’t there’s to share. I see it happen to friends and see people complaining about it online in relationship forums. I never thought it was something I had to worry about.

It was a comment posted on a Facebook status that had nothing to do with the subject of the post. What struck me as he most infuriating was that it was so far off topic that it reaked of attention seeking. It was a very bold “I know something that others don’t, let me show them how important I am”. What’s worse is that this was something I did not share with this person. Instead it was overheard because they feel the need to stick their nose in business that doesn’t belong to them.

There are aspects of my life that are private, that I share with immediate family and there are things that I keep from certain people because those people don’t deserve to know. In either case, I prefer to tell those people. I don’t need my business shared through to family members that I don’t speak to nor have a relationship with. If I wanted them to know, I would tell them.

If you have good or bad news about someone, it’s not your place to tell. Simply mind your own business and leave it to that person to deal with. Dont resort to being a gossip because you have nothing worth sharing in your own life. It’s not your place.

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