Our New Baby!

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We got a new car!

Last Wednesday Andrew came home and said his engine was making a knocking sound. We discussed taking it into the garage this weekend and that was it. When he came home on Thursday for Lunch he had died once and it was making a loud screeching noise. He called out to take it to the garage with my mom and died on the way there. He made sure to re up his AAA membership earlier in the day, just in case, so when he died he could be towed to the garage. He died less than 2 blocks away and had to call them. It turns out is wasn’t worth fixing so we were without a car Friday. My mom took him to and from work.

Saturday, she took him to go look at others. I haven’t been sleeping well because of my sciatic so I didn’t go, instead opting to stay in bed and get some actual sleep. I knew he could handle it. I got some sleep and he got us a new car.

It’s a 2013 Suburu Forester and it’s so cute! It’s roomy and clean. I’m excited because this will be my car in a few years (if I ever get my license) and I love it. Andrew likes it a lot too. Now if I can only get my back healed so I can go for a ride in it!

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