Should You Have Horse Insurance?

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Horses are incredibly beautiful animals that have long inspired writers, artists, and of course, the equestrians who ride them. The relationship an owner has with her horse goes far beyond an “investment.” Horses and their owners share a deep bond that is incredibly meaningful. The reality, too, is that buying a horse is an expensive proposition, and a horse, being a living creature, is subject to illness and accidents that can be expensive.

For all these reasons, any owner of a horse should take the time to review horse insurance policies and make sure they are protected in the event anything happens to their animal. An injury to a horse is a real danger, and the medical expenses associated with treating a horse can add up very quickly.

A horse owner should have major medical insurance, as a horse can become seriously injured or suffer a serious illness that requires expensive treatment. There are other types of insurance though that an owner should consider for protecting their horse and themselves.

Horse Liability Coverage

Though horses are gentle and loving creatures, their massive size and tendency to be skittish and unpredictable at times leaves them open to causing injury to the people around them, as well as to their trainers. A person standing close to a horse can be knocked down and trampled if a horse is startled. A rider can be thrown off a horse. There are many possibilities of injuries that a horse can cause, and for all these reasons it’s imperative that an owner carry solid liability insurance for their animal. There are many insurance companies that specialize in this type of coverage, so it’s wise for an owner to look into the type of policy that’s appropriate.

Horse Mortality Insurance

Along with medical and liability, a horse should also have mortality coverage. Horses often die of illness or injury before their time, and this can mean the loss of a significant investment for the owner. Again, having the right protection is important, so coverage for the horse’s mortality is also strongly advised.

A horse is a beautiful animal that can bring a lot of joy to an owner. Having the right coverage can ease any stress an owner may have, so if you have a horse, be sure to talk to an insurance broker about the right protection for your beloved animal.

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