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We ran out of soap in the master bathroom, so I started using body wash to wash my hands, grabbing it from the shower. This went on for a week and a half, maybe. Meanwhile, I have a bottle of antibacterial soap in the other bathroom at the sink. The thought never crossed my mind to GO GET IT. No one uses the other bathroom except very occasionally. Why didn’t I just get it? I feel like it isn’t ours. I’ve felt like this is a stranger’s house that we are staying in. You wouldn’t go moving things in a stranger’s house, right? I know it’s ours and I love it. It’s beautiful and I look around and smile. It just doesn’t feel like it’s ours. I haven’t had time to make this place homey yet.

I’ve still not hung a damn thing. I’m still staring at these bare walls. It’s worse now that the tree has come down. The living room and dining room were painted and look great. I just don’t know where I want anything to go. I want to decorate but I also need a ton of money to go crazy in a Michaels or Target for decor and since I don’t know what I want to do, I don’t know what to buy.

Things are coming together very slowly. I bought 2 book shelves for the living room to go on either side of the TV stand. I feel like once those are up, I’ll know where I can start with pictures. However, they need to be painted white and not only is it freezing this week but the sun goes down at 5:00pm, when I finish working. Saturday it’s supposed to snow so it’s not happening then either.

I need to hang some pictures. I’ve got time, obviously, I just want to get to being comfortable in it. Hopefully, in a few months I’ll either having things hung or be used to it.

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