Our Pest Problem

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I’m not sure how open I was a couple of years ago about a problem I was having in our new apartment. It was embarrassing and I was mortified. I am still am but I kind of want to get it out. Still not sure if I plan to make this private or not.

We moved into our apartment in June of 2013. It was my first time not living with my mother. Getting our own place was going to be great and we were so excited. When we saw the place, we took my mom with us. We checked all of the rooms, checked cupboard space, and it was in the bathroom cabinet under the sink where I saw what looked like a large ant motel. Red flag #1. I pointed it out to my mother but ants aren’t a problem, everyone gets an ant or two. While talking to the landlord he casually mentioned that he had exterminators coming monthly as a precautionary measure. I thought that was great since I HATE spiders and centipedes. Happy to not have to live with them. I was happy but I should have seen that as red flag #2.

It was two weeks into our new place when I was coming out of the bathroom and saw a bug on the door frame. It was small and black and brown. I killed it but thought for a moment, that looked like a baby roach. Baby Roaches don’t look like roaches. I know what these things look like because a few years earlier we were living in an apartment pest free until the lady upstairs moved out. That’s when we started seeing these tiny little black and brown bugs. As time went on we saw more and more of them and they increased in size until one day we saw a full size one. Our landlord did not care and when we moved out, we left everything in the kitchen. We brought 2 fridges with us when we moved in (one in kitchen and one in dining room), we left the one in the kitchen so that we didn’t bring them. This was my first experience. So when I saw this small bug in our new apartment, I yelled to my brother that I just killed a bug that I described and he said he killed one the day before. I made an offhand comment about how much it would suck if it was a roach.

It was later that week when I saw a full size one and lost it. I knocked on our neighbors door to find out if she’s seen them and she lied to me at first, badly. I could tell she was lying right to my face before admitting it’s been a problem for months and the house had been condemned previously for it. I called the landlord and tried to explain to him what I saw. He said he’d call the exterminators. I tried to find out why, push him on it because at this point I realized he lied to us and knowingly moved us in with these things. He treated me like a hysterical woman and I called my mother in tears because I couldn’t believe this was happening. (If I am not mistaken this was illegal but it wasn’t something I could push because I would have been on the street with all of my animals.)

He did send exterminators and I tried to deal. I screamed every time I saw one, I made Andrew come and kill them. I told the exterminators when and where and what size when they came but every month it seemed like the exterminators weren’t helping. We lived in a duplex with the trashiest people next door. We weren’t getting rid of them.  Soon the landlord stopped calling to tell us when they were coming so they’d show up and skip the house that didn’t answer. Soon they stopped coming all together. The landlord didn’t care (pennsylvania has some of the slummiest slumlords) and we were stuck because there was no way we’d find another place to live. When we moved out, we had time to move out, we could afford to move out. We looked and found this place because he took all of the animals. Most places don’t. Finding a place to take even 1 dog was next to impossible, let alone 3 dogs. We knew that we weren’t going to get out of this place unless we bought a house.

It took us a while but we finally did. Thank god. While setting up the utilities, I also called an exterminator, let them know our problem, that we were trying to move and how to go about it. They were super helpful and the techs I have dealt with are so friendly and understanding. So we have our own exterminators now that I have access to and can call at any time. There was a $200 initial fee but I am paying $44/month to make sure that I don’t have to see these things again. If it cost $200/month, I would have done it. I have such a fear of these things (thanks to that creepshow movie I watched as a kid) and I may suffer from ptsd from it for a while. I can’t open a cupboard without stepping back and reaching from afar. I check everything. My eyes dart around the room if I see anything, even a shadow. I don’t think I will ever be able to stick my hand in something I can’t see into, back of cupboard, under sink. I need a flashlight to climb under my desk if I drop something. I hate them and I just want to be rid of them forever.

This is oddly written like I am pushing something but I didn’t. lol It’s early and the exterminator just left and I thought I would post something, even if it’s quick.

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