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Well, we’re moved in and it feels so good. Everything went so smoothly and I can not even describe how thankful I am for Andrew and Zack. Both of them did fantastic and they worked so hard. I didn’t work nearly as hard as they did but I am so damn sore. (I can’t wait to take a bath!!) Andrew’s day started off with him feeling like shit but eventually he started to feel better and move quicker with packing the truck.

The dogs were moved over first because someone had to wait for the gas people to come. I didn’t want to leave the dogs at the house without me because they go nuts. They did amazing and they love their new yard. Last task of the night was getting the kitties over. They are taking it very hard and a couple are still getting used to the house. Reese has been wandering more and exploring when she’s used to hiding. Loki, my brave, fearless, pain in the ass is prying open cupboards to hide. The bravest ones usually fall apart the hardest. (Last time it was Bella who hid under the fridge for 4 days)

Overall things are slowly getting into place and this home is coming together. We have plans to buy pieces of furniture and upgrade other. I can’t wait to hang photo frames and such. I’m so excited to make this place ours.


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