Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today is Thanksgiving and tomorrow is our moving day! My mom had postponed Thanksgiving because everyone in her household was sick. I received a call at 10:00am this morning that my great aunt’s husband became very sick (hoping everything is okay with him) and my mom needed to take my grandma out to Ohio. So, the kids were shuffled to us.

Because of the holiday postponement Andrew and I decided to still do a very small Thanksgiving for just the two of us and we bought the stuff last night. Today we looked completely unprepared when we located a grocery store that was open until 3:00pm today carrying what looked like a full Thanksgiving dinner to the register. We just needed to double everything we had but it didn’t look like that, I’m sure. (Another reason to not assume things about people) So, the kids are with us and my mom who had planned to take the day off to rest is now traveling 6+ hours to Ohio in holiday traffic.

This is the first time Andrew or I have ever cooked a turkey and while I’ve helped make holiday dinners before, I’ve never taken the reigns. I guess now that I’m married it’s time that changes since going forward I’ll be taking over holidays (okay, okay, maybe just becoming the venue) since my house is bigger. Moving day is the day right after Thanksgiving and we’ll be spending time with Andrew’s family this Christmas so that won’t happen until Easter.

Tomorrow we’ll be getting up early to go pick up our truck and get this moving day on the road. With all of the luck in the world (and it’s not looking good with recent events/our track record) everything will go well and tomorrow we will be in our new home!

I hope you all have a very happy, full, and safe Thanksgiving!

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