Benefits of Boarding Your Dog During Your Next Vacation

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As nice, polite and well behaved as your dog is while you’re in the same room together, your dog might turn into a holy terror when you leave for an overnight or weekend trip. Even the best of dogs can feel stressed and nervous when its owner is gone, which can leave you dealing with ripped furniture and accidents all over your house. If you worry about what might happen while your on vacation, now is a good time to look at some of the benefits of boarding your dog during your trip.

Protect Your Home

Dogs are creatures of habit, which means that they grow comfortable with familiar things that happen every day. They know when you get home, what time you leave, when it’s time for a walk and where to find food and water. When you leave for a few days, this change can cause your dog to have a panic attack. That is why you come home to food, clothing and pieces of your furniture laying on the floor. Boarding your dog for a night or several days helps your pet feel more comfortable while you’re gone.

Set Schedule

One great benefit of boarding your dog in a kennel is that the kennel workers will follow a set schedule to keep your dog calm. Most kennels offer regular feeding throughout the day, and your dog will quickly learn when to expect food. The kennel should also offer routine breaks for your pet to use the bathroom outside. If your dog has an accident, workers are on hand to quickly clean up the space on the spot. Some kennels even offer play time and activities that let your dog have fun with a few other pets.

Luxury Accommodations

When looking for dog boarding Michigan facilities or facilities in other states, pet owners often look for more luxury accommodations. This lets your pet live in the lap of luxury and lets you treat your pet as you treat yourself with a vacation. These kennels and boarding rooms offer daily cleaning and bed changes to keep your dog’s space nice and clean, but they may offer other amenities, including climate controlled spaces, luxury bedding and even room service. Treat your dog and save your house from destruction when you treat your pet to a stay in the right facility during your next trip.

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