WOOOO! He Tested Negative!

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In addition to Loki getting neutered, we had him retested for FIV. If you don’t remember, when we initially rescued Loki from a hole outside, we took him in. When we took him to the vet, they ran the usual tests and Loki tested positive for FIV. Our vet wanted us to put him down and when I didn’t answer her, hell I hadn’t even spoken to my mom about it yet, she asked if I wanted to still vaccinate him. Of course I did, no matter what I decided later on, he was coming home with me right then. I broke down into tears as Jenn had just lost a cat to FIV. I couldn’t be more thankful that she talked me through what to do and what I needed to know. The vet mentioned that, although rare, it was possible that he didn’t have it and was only testing positive for his mother’s antibodies. It was clear that she didn’t think this was the case but we could retest when he was 6 months.

When we took him in today, the woman behind the desk mentioned it and reminded me to retest him. She asked if we wanted to continue with getting him neutered if he tested positive. I mean, this woman hadn’t even seen him before asking that but despite what they were telling us he had, he was in perfect health. I wasn’t going to give up on him then and I won’t now. Positive or not, he was coming home with me. Of course, I still want him neutered.

When I called to check on them at noon, asking about the result slipped my mind. Honestly, since the day I spoke to Jenn about it, I wasn’t worried, okay, maybe a little. FIV isn’t the death sentence I always thought it was and Loki seems perfectly healthy.

When we picked them up, there was a lot of hustle and bustle as patients were being picked up so I hadn’t had a chance to ask yet. However, my mother leaned over to double check the names (taking two separate cats to the vet for similar reasons isn’t as easy as it sounds) and saw that Loki tested Negative. Honestly, I wanted to cry tears of joy right then and there.

While I am very happy that Loki does not have FIV, I am angry with the vet’s office/veterinarian. She wanted me to put him down and we weren’t even sure that he had it. Not that would have but how many people have put their animals down for no reason, without symptoms? Even if he were positive, he could just be a carrier (and neutering him is the biggest way to prevent spreading it) or it not effect him for a few years. That’s time spent healthy, happy, and loved. It makes me angry but I’m thankful I went with my gut to wait until I had an informed decision and for Jenn’s help in informing me.

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