If my Animals Were People: Cat Edition

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All of my animals are very different. Each one has their own personality. A lot of people act like I’m crazy when I say this but I’m close to them and I can pick up on these things. I notice the slightest change in their personalities and worry about them. I know, easily, when something is not right. Hell, I can tell you which cat is meowing and if they are playing or hurt, from 2 rooms away just like a mother can with her kids. They are beings, just as we are. Just because we don’t know what they are thinking doesn’t mean they don’t think.

My mom and I talk about these things all the time. Phantom is another one of her kids and as she fills me on what Breya is doing in school or what Zack is playing these days, Phantom is mentioned too. More so than Lily or Jackson. She knows, just like I do, that Phantom is more than a cat. I always tell her about what my cats did that day or what trouble they got into.

So, I want to paint a picture of what I think my animals would be like if they were people. I figure this will help people understand what I’m talking about and know that I’m not crazy and anybody who loves their animals will tell you the same thing. This is going to be sort of long but I do have 5 of them. These are based off of their mannerisms which I will explain first.

I encourage any pet owner to do the same. I want to read about your furbabies.

I’ll start with my oldest, although he doesn’t live with me.

Phantom: He just turned 8 and he’s an outside cat. My family knows Phantom very well, even those who don’t like cats. Phantom is not a cat, he is a person in a cat’s body. He is highly intelligent but stubborn, very masculine. If I had to compare him to another animal, it would be a Panther. Just the way he walks and carries himself, he looks and acts so much bigger than he is. He knows when he’s done something wrong and he will apologize for it. However, he also has times where he think he was in the right and therefore I have to apologize to him. After attempting to save one of our puppies in a dog attack (technically, he did, but the puppy had to be put down) and rescuing Dexter (my brother’s cat) when he got out in a rainstorm, he’s been hailed a hero and he LOVES to be told how amazing he is. He’s very observant and he knows as much about us as we know about him. He’s there when he knows you need it. My mom has been upset and pushed him away but he doesn’t give up. That was one thing I’ve always loved him for. He makes you feel better and he wants you to feel better. I could go on and on.

I’ve always said that Phantom would have a British accent. I still believe that. He’s an older man, very wise, friendly, retired to Florida, slower in his old age but still very active. He would regale and bore his children and grand children with war stories. He is a hero and he knows it, and he basks in the glory. He loves his family very much and dotes on them, always putting them before himself.

Reese: Oh, Reese. That poor cat. She’s very feral and she fears all people except for me and Andrew. If we try to pet her when she isn’t looking directly at us, she wigs, big round eyes and screams. You have to approach her slowly and reach your hand out and wait for her to come to you. Any noise and she takes off running. A few months ago, she decided to go into the kitchen and never came out. She has her own litter box and food dish because she refuses to go upstairs to the cats’ bedroom for it. I have not seen her approach the stairs since that day she went into the kitchen.

She an introvert but more than that, I think she’d be on the edge of psychotic. She’d be into the government conspiracies and wear a tin foil hat. She would NEVER leave her house. The only person she is willing to talk to, she doesn’t trust on most days. Everything and anything is trying to kill her. 

Bella: She’s loud and vocal. She announces herself when she enters a room and if you stop petting her before she’s done, she yells at you until you continue. She’s not, I can’t say smart because it’s not fair to compare her to Phantom. She certainly isn’t graceful like you’d expect a cat to be. She falls and jumps hard, she’s fallen off of surfaces by mis-stepping.

She’s a diva. She’s the most popular girl in school (I still think of her as young) and she knows it. When she’s not getting the attention she think she deserves, she’s demanding it. She’d do anything scandalous to get herself back in the lime light. She gets by on her looks alone and is pretty ditzy.

James: James is our most normal cat. He likes attention but loves to be left alone. Lately, he’s taken to following one of us into the bedroom and staying behind when we close the door to catch some Z’s. He’ll play with the other cats on occasion but prefers to guard the top of the stairs when he naps.

I picture James as cool, calm, and collected. Honestly, he’d probably be a stoner. He lays around all day except for a few quick spurt of energy. He’d work a 9-5 job. He’s pretty average.

Loki: Loki is just a bundle of energy. He has one speed and it’s fast. He wants to play ALL the time even though the other’s want to sleep. However, he does have rare moments where he just wants to be cuddled and loved on and he seeks it out. He doesn’t care if you’re busy, he will lay on your keyboard.

Loki is a rambunctious toddler, running around the grocery store yelling, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” knocking things over, breaking stuff. You’d feel bad for his poor parents but know that they obviously spoil him. But when he gets home, and has his sugar crash, he wants to cuddle and tell you he loves you as he climbs up you, knocking everything out of your hands.

I also just want to throw out there that Phantom got a more extensive paragraph because Phantom is amazing. Yes, I’ve had him longer but he is just so full of personality that all of it is hard to ignore. Anyone who has ever met Phantom, loves him. We don’t think of him as a cat, I don’t know what I would call him. He’s extraordinary. 🙂

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