Bella & Loki

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As you may know, we took 3/4 cats to the vet today. We didn’t get good news.

Bella has the feline herpes virus, which explains her chronic upper respiratory infection since birth. Loki, although he appears extremely healthy, has tested positive for FIV.  It’s possible Bella has FIV, also, since it isn’t likely an FIV- cat gets herpes. Bella has never been tested. We’ll be doing that soon.

I left the vet a sobbing mess but thanks to my savior and bigger cat lady than I am, Jenn, I am feeling so much more optimistic about both diagnoses. I hope she knows how much it meant to me to take time out of her day to talk me down and help me understand what it is we are up against.

I was sent home with eye drops and an immune system booster for Bella. The vet tried to get me to agree to euthanasia for Loki. Based on my conversation with Jenn and the research my mother and I have done, I won’t be pursuing that option unless he needs it, which I hope is at least years down the road.

Since there is a chance that Loki does not have FIV and tested positive simply because he still has his mother’s antibodies, were going to play it day by day, and have him retested at 6 months. In the meantime, precautions to prevent infecting the other cats are no different than the things I would do for a healthy cat.

Although it isn’t good news, it’s not the worst news and I’m thankful for that.

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