My Poor Cat

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For the past few weeks, Reese has been acting really weird. She used to spend some time up in the cupboard away from the other cats. It was her domain and only hers. Last week, I think, she was up there for a few days. Would not come down no matter what we did. Eventually, we forced her out and boarded up that cupboard. Since that, though, she has not gone upstairs. Now, their litter boxes and food dishes are up there but she doesn’t leave the kitchen.

Through all of this, she’s become even more terrified and paranoid. James can’t get anywhere near her. Any time she enters the living room, she’s on the look out for James. If he gets close to her, she lets out this horrible growl until I shoo him away. She has not been treating me any differently, actually she’s more loving to me than she’s ever been. Now, I’m like her protector.

I think something happened between her and James and she wants nothing to do with him. Maybe they tussled, maybe he hurt her, but somehow he claimed their bedroom as his and she won’t go in there.

I finally caved and made sure she was getting food downstairs. I don’t think she’s been eating. I thought it was a weird phase but she shows no signs of going up those stairs. I even caught her using the puppy pads to go to the bathroom. Something happened and she’s not right. She seems healthy otherwise. She doesn’t appear to be sick and other than the sudden paranoia of James and not leaving the kitchen or living room, she seems fine.

I’m pissed, though. James is a complete terror and he’s dominating my cat. He walks around like he owns the place and I’m fucking sick of it. I don’t want to have to rehome him but I will do all that I can to knock him off his thrown. He doesn’t run this house, I do. I won’t let him keep doing this to her. If it comes down to him or Reese, I WILL throw his ass out. He’s an asshole and not in the “he’s a cat” way. He thinks he owns us and I’m going to fucking fix it. Reese is nothing but a sweetheart and she doesn’t deserve this. She was here first. It may break Andrew’s heart but I promise to only use it as a last resort.

On the other hand, Bella is completely unphased by any of it. She’s all over the place and I even caught her laying by James. She hangs out by Reese.

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