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I woke up to some interesting news! 🙂 I was nominated for NEPA BlogCon’s Blog of the Year!

NEPA BlogCon had their first annual Blogging Conference last year. I was lucky enough to attend thanks to Leslie Stewart (One of the Fearsome Foursome) and her NEPA Blog Con tickets giveaway! If you recall, I had to draw a cat (below).


I had a blast. I met a lot of great Bloggers and learned so much. One of the segments taught me a lot about SEO. I think that was one that I took away the most from. Another taught a lot about sprucing up your about me pages, how to style your blog to engage a reader, and your online presence.  As someone who wasn’t *new* to the blogosphere, some of what I learned wasn’t anything but blogger common sense. However, for people who didn’t own a blog but was looking to, this conference will teach you all you need from the start.

That wasn’t even the half of it. I met so many amazing people and networked with so many. It was nice to have a place to talk about Blogging in person because many, who I attempt to talk to it about, just don’t understand. Even Andrew loses interest. It’s nice to have so much in common with people who understand you and I think that alone is what is going to make me go back.

Because of NEPA BlogCon, my other blog was featured on a local television show, PA LIVE!,  thanks to the pleasure of meeting the masterminds behind NEPA Blogs.

We are coming up on the 2nd annual NEPA BlogCon. In all honesty, I wasn’t *planning* to go. Simply because I didn’t have the funds. However, since I am being nominated, I would love to go again and continue my streak of attending NEPA BlogCon every year (one year down, many more to go).



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So, here we are. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be nominated and I want to thank the following for this amazing nomination.

Winning doesn’t even matter. It feels so amazing to be recognized for something that I care about so passionately and that *I* have done. I’ve very proud of what this blog has become.

If you would like to vote for me, I’d really appreciate it. You can go here to do that. You can vote once daily until Saturday.

Also, make sure to ‘Like’ NEPA BlogCon of Facebook and tweet to them @NEPABlogCon with the hashtag #NEPABOTY


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