Thinking with Portals

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It’s been a while since I’ve played any games besides The Sims or Pokemon here and there. I decided to check out Portal. I’ve watched Andrew play it before and it seemed like fun. I guess I never really got the gist of it because I am awful at puzzle games. I got to the last test chamber and decided to call it quits for the night, at least. I haven’t gotten back to it yet simply because Andrew has been here and he despises watching people suck at his favorite games. It makes me self conscious when he watches so I’ll probably try again when he isn’t home.


The game is fun but it’s difficult. It can be a bit confusing at times and I’ve learned, with Andrew’s help, that to get through most of the puzzles I have to do a manuever that I can’t stand and can’t seem to get right a lot of the time. He’s not very helpful, either. All he ever says is, “You’re not thinking with Portals!” As if it’s a language!


Also, I just love how well everything runs on my beastly computer. It’s all so smooth, nothing looks likes it’s stuttering or skipping. It’s just so beautiful. Eventually, I’ll return to it. I just have to wait for him to go back to work.


We’ve also got Portal 2 so I’ll be trying that out, too. I just want to finish Portal so I can say I did. lol Andrew has a huge Steam Library that I’ll work on getting through. Maybe I’ll set up a video game blog so strangers can laugh at me while I post my rants and Let’s Play videos as I shamefully attempt to get through a bunch of games that I have no business playing.

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