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It’s easy to tell that we are gamers if you take a look inside our closet, or even just around our room.

When Andrew and I got together in 2007, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I didn’t know what an Xbox was. We had had play stations (1 and 2, fat and slim) in the house, and a box of NESs that my mom had for years. We had had a Sega Genesis that I used to play Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, and even PageMaster on. The only system I could play for months on end was my GameBoy Color.
Shortly after Andrew and I got together, he bought one. The Halo 3 limited edition one1. Since I wanted to play with him, I bought my old friend’s used one off of him. It gave us something to bond over since it didn’t seem like we had much in common, initially.
In the last few years, I’ve only played off and on. When I went away to school, my little brother kind of inherited it. If I wanted to play, I could use Andrew’s. The only issues came when we wanted to co-op a game. Usually, i made my brother keep his home when he went to his Dad’s so that we could play. Andrew has several spare Xboxes that he received from friends because they didn’t work or he just bought a new one when his went.
Which brings me back to my original point. Recently, MY Xbox broke. Since my brother used it full time, my mom got him a new one for his birthday. A week or two ago, Andrew decided to pull mine apart. He found a crayon inside and a shit ton of dust covering the laser. A little elbow grease and it’s back to working. This made Andrew decide to try and fix the other 5 in our closet. He can remember what’s wrong with each one of them2, and only 2 have a RRoD that he can’t fix without parts. So, he plans to send them out when he has more money.
His original Halo Xbox has a disc drive problem and while he intends to fix it, he decided to give me the casing for my Xbox3. 🙂 While writing this, he finished it. So, here’s a picture:
My "new" Halo xbox next to my old casing.

My “new” Halo xbox next to my old casing.

I’m happy to have an Xbox of my own again and maybe that and one of my christmas presents will inspire me to play more. I miss my FPS games 4 like Halo, Gears, and CoD. I also became interested in playing through the Dead Rising games. So, we’ll see.
  1. For the record, I’m talking about 360’s here
  2. He continues to impress me everyday.
  3. I’ve always loved it.
  4. Screw you.
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