I Am Almost Ready For University Life

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Since Angie’s sister sent me a bunch of Worlds for my Sims game, I figured I would blog while I wait for them to install. After Andrew redid my computer, he also attempted to Overclock it which my computer decided to laugh at. It left me sitting here in shock as it blue-screened 3 or 4 times. I whined at Andrew and he fixed it. So, I had no more issues with that. However, I ran into a bunch of problems with my game.

Let me start by telling you that on Friday I was optimistic about playing my game. Then I kept running into more and more CC1. So, when I finally got ready to play, I realized that I was missing a lot of the CC that I had already had and started gradually adding it back. Once I did that, then I ran into an issue, that lasted 5 hours of me trying to figure out why my extra Worlds weren’t loading. 5 hours! When I finally fixed that. I couldn’t enter a house to play. So, I had to have Angie walk me through a Clean Folder fix where we discovered some of the mods I added, were breaking my game. This took a while but in the end, Angie just sent me her Mods folder and that seemed to have fixed it. Obviously, those mods aren’t really as compatible with 1.50 as they claim to be. So, finally! I’m ready to play. I open up Create-A-Sim and my custom Sims to start making my UL Sims. What do I find but NONE of my custom Sims are there. Another 5-6 hours of me attempting to find the broken .sim file. After that, I was happy with the few Sims I could get loaded and decided to start fresh with all the others.

So, at about 3AM last night/this morning, I was finally able to start making my University Life Sims. I have to say that I am very happy with the way they turned out.


Their names are Aubrey and Ryan Pierce and they are siblings. I do know that Aubrey’s lifetime wish is to be Super Popular whereas Ryan’s is undecided2 I’m not entirely sure that Ryan is finished because I want him to be nerdy and yet he came out a hunk.

Also, thanks to Angie, I’ve discovered PosePlayer so make my Sims pose for pictures. Here is Aubrey’s photoshoot:


  1. It’s an addictions, people.
  2. I want to see if they have any game dev related Lifetime Wishes in UL.
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