My Christmas Haul

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I have to say that this turned out to be one of the best Christmases we’ve had so far. Everything was very relaxed and my mom, as always, turns a couple hundred dollars into more presents than we can imagine.

The kids got a bunch of things they asked for and some they didn’t. Maybe it’s a mom thing but she enjoys the “surprised” reaction every Christmas. This year, even Patrick and I got to experience that surprise with our presents. Patrick got an iPhone that he said he wanted a month ago but not much was said about it again. So, I suggested it to her when she asked what he would like.

For me, she went to Andrew her gave her a bunch of ideas but the only thing I got from her that seemed like Andrew suggested it was Halo 4 which I got on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning, I opened a bunch of Aaron Carter stuff. Some of the stuff I had owned before but no longer have. Like the DVDs.

photo (3)

She added 2 dolls to my collection, too. The snake skin pants one, I already had.

Aaron Carter Dolls

She ordered some other stuff that didn’t come in on time. I received this in the mail today. 😀

Aaron Carter Book

I used to have that book but lost it in one of the many moves over the years. Glad to have it back because I never finished reading it. Also, I’m glad she bought it used because I didn’t want to give Jane Carter any money. In case you were wondering, he doesn’t get along with his mother anymore. Not that you care, Just an FYI.

And of course, all the stuff I got from Andrew. 😀

Green Controller and Nintendo DSi

Shiny Espeon Pokemon

photo (12)

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. I’m looking forward to the new year. 😀


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