1. Bullet Point Update

    Written by Randi on April 11th, 2014 at 9:57 PM // Category: General

    So, I just wanted to blog what’s been going on lately. I started working at a Best Western as a housekeeper last week. The week has been filled with highs and lows so this is going to be a bullet point entry, mostly.

    • Saturday, my first day wasn’t so bad. Weekends are mandatory and really that is less than ideal. I got paired with my neighbor, Amanda, who started a day earlier than I. So, what I “learned” was the bare minimum like how to make the beds. We were slow, I’ll give them that but we managed.
    • Sunday is a big day for hotels since that is the biggest check-out day of the week. Although, I woke up pretty optimistic, by the time we grabbed our lunches and were on the way to work, we got stuck behind a marathon that went across scranton, essentially creating a barrier between us and work. No matter what, we couldn’t get around it and we were half an hour late. Finally we got in and the day started. I struggled a lot and by lunch, my feet were killing me. Since Amanda and I were still new, we shared a cart which only made things worse. Essentially, she slowed me down a bit. Our supervisor inspects our rooms after we finish them. We didn’t have keys so on top of that, she had to open doors for us which didn’t happen until after we finished and were inspected. By 5:30 when we each had 2 rooms left (and were set to finish at 6pm), we were given an experienced girl to help us. Most of the inspections consisted of us being told what we didn’t do (without proper training, how were we to know?) and having to fix them. This girl came in, obviously tired from working all day, and was less than enthusiastic about helping us. Even going so far as to ask us why we got into this in the first place, since we don’t know what we’re doing. Um, I don’t know. It’s a job. Not one I would pick to do on my own since we are getting minimum wage. Sunday night, I came home and cried to my mother (having held my tears back all day) who told me it’s not worth doing if it’s going to make me upset.
    • Monday did not start off any better. Thankfully, though, things weren’t very busy so while still informing me of things I wasn’t taught while also reminding me to do this or that, tears welled up (when I get frustrated I cry, nothing can stop it) and I came pretty close to telling her it would be my last day and to not waste her time. Gradually things got better, though. My feet hurt but no where near as badly as on Sunday. Overall, things ended on a high note.
    • After work Monday, my mom took me up to get my vaporizer. So, I’ve been, mostly, off cigarettes since Monday night. I’ve had two (one being an hour ago). There is something I miss that I’m not getting from my vape pen but the change and adjustment has taken that away. So, there is no point in smoking them anymore.
    • Monday night, I got sick. The kids have been sick so it was only a matter of time. Started with a sore throat and turned into a runny/stuffed nose, nonstop coughing, etc. Thankfully, I was off Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn’t accomplish much of anything. My friends Frankie and Red (it just so happens that Red is actually my brother’s cousin), guys from next door, came over and I watched them play Grand Theft Auto 5 and spend all of my money.
    • Tuesday and Wednesday were essentially the same thing. A lot of laying around and a lot of Red and Frankie.
    • Yesterday was great. I moved quickly through the halls, my feet no longer hurt, we even finished on time. Until I came home, we’ve had a small leak that we called the landlord for. Well, yesterday, the ceiling tile fell down.
    • Today, I had 3 rooms to do and we were done by lunch. It was fantastic. I came home and our other ceiling tile has fallen. Our landlord is coming first thing in the morning. Then I spent the afternoon with Devin and Red.
    • Andrew and I just got back from Walmart and we are cleaning up while we wait for food.
    • Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a good day because I’m seeing a pattern.
  2. Working Girl

    Written by Randi on April 4th, 2014 at 11:39 PM // Category: General

    Today, I got a job! It kind of just fell in my lap. I came home yesterday and my neighbor, Amanda, had just come back from applying. They were desperate for people and she was hired on the spot. So, was I.

    Amanda started today, with orientation and dove right into it. I go in tomorrow for orientation and start.

    It’s housekeeping at our Best Western. I’m hoping it isn’t too hard. I’m kind of nervous. I’m sure I’m making minimum wage but that doesn’t matter to me. Getting out and doing something was my fear. I’ll have Amanda and this will help ease me back into the working world. Luckily, I pick things up quick and since there is no quitting time (we quit when we’re done), I’ll hopefully be on the go nonstop.

    The interview was quick. Seriously, from the moment she walked out until I left, it was no more than 10 minutes and I had the job. Of course, that could be a bad thing since they are very short-staffed.

    I’m nervous. I know I said that, but I am. I have a huge issue with talking to strangers and I think that’s where I’m freaking out. I’m not sure how much of that will be involved (but it sure beats the front desk since the girl told me they were hiring for that, too).

    Regardless, I’m excited. I even joked about not cleaning my house anymore since I’ll be doing it all day and making Andrew and my brother pull their weight now with chores.

    I should probably be heading to bed soon since my excitement may keep me up. However, I’ve had 2 hours of sleep since 12pm yesterday.

  3. My Poor Cat

    Written by Randi on March 29th, 2014 at 7:04 PM // Category: Rants

    For the past few weeks, Reese has been acting really weird. She used to spend some time up in the cupboard away from the other cats. It was her domain and only hers. Last week, I think, she was up there for a few days. Would not come down no matter what we did. Eventually, we forced her out and boarded up that cupboard. Since that, though, she has not gone upstairs. Now, their litter boxes and food dishes are up there but she doesn’t leave the kitchen.

    Through all of this, she’s become even more terrified and paranoid. James can’t get anywhere near her. Any time she enters the living room, she’s on the look out for James. If he gets close to her, she lets out this horrible growl until I shoo him away. She has not been treating me any differently, actually she’s more loving to me than she’s ever been. Now, I’m like her protector.

    I think something happened between her and James and she wants nothing to do with him. Maybe they tussled, maybe he hurt her, but somehow he claimed their bedroom as his and she won’t go in there.

    I finally caved and made sure she was getting food downstairs. I don’t think she’s been eating. I thought it was a weird phase but she shows no signs of going up those stairs. I even caught her using the puppy pads to go to the bathroom. Something happened and she’s not right. She seems healthy otherwise. She doesn’t appear to be sick and other than the sudden paranoia of James and not leaving the kitchen or living room, she seems fine.

    I’m pissed, though. James is a complete terror and he’s dominating my cat. He walks around like he owns the place and I’m fucking sick of it. I don’t want to have to rehome him but I will do all that I can to knock him off his thrown. He doesn’t run this house, I do. I won’t let him keep doing this to her. If it comes down to him or Reese, I WILL throw his ass out. He’s an asshole and not in the “he’s a cat” way. He thinks he owns us and I’m going to fucking fix it. Reese is nothing but a sweetheart and she doesn’t deserve this. She was here first. It may break Andrew’s heart but I promise to only use it as a last resort.

    On the other hand, Bella is completely unphased by any of it. She’s all over the place and I even caught her laying by James. She hangs out by Reese.

  4. New Chapter?

    Written by Randi on March 25th, 2014 at 6:35 PM // Category: Rants

    Today, I got an overwhelming feeling that I want to learn to drive. Up until now, I’ve said never because I’m afraid. I still am but I realize that I’m being held back because of it. I don’t want to do it but I know I need to.

    Mostly, I hate being home all day. I have the time to go out and do stuff but I’m stuck because I don’t have a car. I have no money for taxis and I am not a fan of city buses.

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s going to help out. I need to get a job, any job really, while I finish up school since I ran out of loans. Having a car really cuts one of my last excuses out entirely. I’ll have money, extra money for the house. I can help with the bills. I’ll be able to get out and see my best friend. Andrew won’t be so stressed. Eventually, I’ll have a car.

    Really, it comes down to I know I need to grow the fuck up. I’m still dependent on those around me and I’m never going to get anywhere relying on Andrew and my family. I’m an adult. I need to act like it. I have to start getting my shit together. Being afraid has been what kept me from doing all this, being afraid of driving, getting a job, growing up, having responsibilities, being an actual adult. My life is blowing past me and I’m wasting it.

    I’m scared but I know laying around wishing I was doing something with my life instead of going out and doing it is what is bringing me down. There are days where I just want to sit and cry and look at all that I’m not doing. Seeing people who I never thought would go anywhere, actually doing something with their lives. I had high hopes when I was younger. Then one day, I saw how much effort was needed to accomplish them, and I said “Screw it.”

    There are some days I worry that I’ve wasted time and money I don’t have on a degree for web development. I wonder if if I should have done something else, picked a profession based on the pay. This is what I want to do with my life. Even if the pay isn’t good, at least what I do will make me happy.

    I just hope this “high” stays. My mom offered to help me learn to drive. Maybe this is a new chapter for me. My determination seems greater than my fear. I hope it lasts.

  5. Getting There

    Written by Randi on March 10th, 2014 at 12:52 PM // Category: General

    This weekend, we got a sectional. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit how badly I’ve wanted one. I feel so old getting excited for and wanting furniture so badly.

    It’s so much larger than anticipated but very comfortable. We had planned to put it where our office is and move our office to the living room. However, what’s supposed to be the living room (our office) is very small compared to the dining room (our living room). We moved one piece in and found out that it would block our front entrance so back to the original living room it went. Now the only way we could get it to fit is to block our closet with the TV stand. No big deal, we have plenty of closets.

    Our house is still not put back together. We have stuff every where since we still need to organize. We are using shelves to house our video games rather than the dresser. The dresser is going upstairs for more clothes space.

    My desk is still in piece from attempting to switch rooms, so my computer isn’t hooked up.

    We drank Saturday night and woke up feeling crap Sunday. Well, mostly Andrew did. He can’t handle his alcohol and doesn’t drink water when I tell him to. Hangovers can be avoided, you know..

    I can’t wait to get everything back in order. We need shelves, many more shelves, for games, systems, memorabilia. We need frames for our posters and pictures. I’m even going to order pictures and grab frames from the dollar store. I want to make this place homier.

    Everything is coming together beautifully. I’m excited.

  6. Our Cat is a Dog

    Written by Randi on February 27th, 2014 at 1:25 PM // Category: General

    So, I’ve written posts before about my furbabies. What can I say? I like to brag. Each one has their own personality and I’m sure to respect their likes and dislikes. For example, Bella loves pets and you can cuddle her up. Reese on the other hand, you need to “ask permission” to pet her or she cries and runs.

    I’ve never had a cat that would eat anything other than their cat food and water except one. I had attempted to give a piece of ham to Phantom once, and he are it but didn’t want the second piece. I’ve given Bella ham and she would bat it around the room. I had only ever done it because they seem interested in what I’m doing. They aren’t dogs, which of course, I “accidentally” drop a lot of ingredients while cooking since I’m surrounded by pleading eyes. I know, I’m an enabler.

    Bailey was the only one who wanted something other than her food. I came in with Ice Cream once, I believe the week she died. She was laying on the floor and she smelled it. She bolted over to me and sat on my chest while I tried to put each spoonful in my mouth. She actually climbed closer to my face and put her face in front of my mouth so the ice cream would go to her mouth instead. Smart kitten she was.

    Anyway, we’re convinced James is a dog. It started as a kitten. His cat food was never enough for him. He would see us eating and sit practically on top of us while we tried to eat. He even attempted to bat food off forks. I tried not to tolerate it but Andrew was a push over.

    He only got smarter from that point. He hears us moving around in the kitchen and comes running. Then he sits next to Andrew (I’ve smacked him away enough for him to know I don’t give him any) and waits for a moment that Andrew is occupied, be it talking to me, playing with his phone, watching TV, and James lunges for the plate. Andrew usually catches him. If the plate doesn’t get put away immediately, James will lick it clean like a dog.

    Andrew let it go too long now that it’s become a habit of James’. But through enough work, we at least have an understanding that if he waits until we are done, he can have some pieces. And he will now, he’ll sit there and beg like a dog but he no longer lunges at your plate or fork.

    But I have to put it out there, he still eats his cat food like normal. He’s a healthy weight. It’s just people food is his little snack.

    I wish it was just that. The other day someone was banging around on the neighbor’s side and the dogs started barking and James was growling. What cat does that?!

    And today, which, it’s not the first time, he decided to use the dog’s papers instead of his litter box upstairs. When he was done, he tried to cover it up, though.

    I think it’s adorable. He’s a bit spoiled, I’ll give you that. But at least he’s more respectful now and not running around the house like he owns the place. He’ll lay with the dogs on the couch but only sometimes, mostly he tolerates them because they stay around us and we have the food. He interacts with the girls. The girls never come around the dogs and try their best to avoid them.

    Here is a picture, I just took. I heated up milk in the microwave and used it for my cappuccino. He heard the microwave and assumed there was food to be had.


  7. On the Road to Organization

    Written by Randi on February 25th, 2014 at 8:38 PM // Category: General

    Tomorrow, we are getting a new fridge. Andrew’s family helped us out because ours is on it’s way out. I’m very grateful.

    On top of that, we ordered an ikea shelf look alike to use as our new TV stand.

    After that, I’m really looking forward to getting a sectional sofa soon. If we like these shelves, which I think we will, we’ll be getting more to open up space around the house.

    I want to start organizing. Between the two of us, we are in the beginning stages of becoming hoarders. Lots of old computer parts, junk, stuff we don’t need stuffed in way too many places.

    I hope to be more organized and try to stay on track. An organized house is less likely to become as messy as ours does in such a short amount of time.

  8. No More Pain

    Written by Randi on February 15th, 2014 at 4:59 PM // Category: General

    In the past, nearly, 3 weeks since I hurt my back, I’ve had 2 mornings where I woke up pain free. The weird part of that is that my back hurt for nearly a week, no pain 2 days in a row, then sciatica in my left leg, then sciatica in my right leg, now it’s back to my left leg and unless I stand up and straighten out my back right away (which is nearly impossible) I get this excruciating nerve pinched pain.

    Overall, I can bend over again and do something I did before, like feeding the dogs, changing the litter boxes. I can do it, slowly, but too much bending over hurts. If it weren’t for the nerve pinching and sciatica, I’d take it and say I need a bit longer. However, the nerve pinching is making me nervous. Once I’m upright, it’s fine and doesn’t hurt but I fear letting it go too long and it remaining pinched.

    Right now, I’m sitting in the recliner and my back is aching badly and I have a twitching muscle on the side of my left thigh.

    I know I should probably go to the hospital but I’m afraid it might be normal with the injury and something I have to see out. I don’t have insurance nor do I want to rack up anymore bills that I can’t afford.

  9. Our Little Boy is Growing Up

    Written by Randi on February 3rd, 2014 at 2:23 PM // Category: General

    James has been acting weird this past week. We didn’t know why. Mostly, he’s walking around the house moaning like a cat in heat. But he’s male, so I didn’t know what to make of that. After a quick search, it turns out, he’s reached sexual maturity so he’s calling for tail. All of our girls are fixed, so we have nothing to worry about but I wasn’t so sure about our neighbor’s two females. I text her, and she said they were and yet he’s still wandering the house meowing loudly.

    Right after deciding to get him fixed this week or next, he found Reese on my computer desk (we couldn’t see her). He walked over and just froze. I made Andrew see what he was doing because Reese hangs out there, and sure enough he was straddling her and biting her neck. So, Andrew pulled him away but it confirmed what we thought.

    So, today I called and scheduled an appointment for this Friday. We want him in and out before he starts spraying everywhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a male kitten. Phantom was neutered when he was 2 years old and he’ll be 7 this year. I don’t recall him making noise ever. But I do recall the spraying. Fortunately, once he went outside that stopped entirely. We don’t, however, have any plans to let James become an outside cat so this needs to be done now.

    I don’t like doing this but I know how important it is. Reese’s spaying saved her life. I was thankful for that and seeing her in the pain afterwards was a relief and better than the alternative. I can’t say the same for Bella, Hannah, Miley, and Lily. Bella was not herself and it broke my heart I was almost begging her to eat. Hannah looked so pathetic, and as a puppy, she just wanted to run and jump and play and I couldn’t allow it but she ate right away and overall handled it the best. Miley had her stitches out within 12 hours, and even though a call to the vet was helpful, I was a nervous wreck expecting her insides to fall out. Lily wouldn’t eat and could barely sleep. She seemed to have spent more time crying than anything else but still soldiered through trying to follow my mom around everywhere.

    I don’t recall much of Phantom’s neutering. I may have been away at school when it was done. I believe it’s supposed to be easier on the males than the females. He was sent home with pain meds which my mom took care of. For a week, he’d come down for pain meds but would go back and hide.

    I hope it’s easy on James because if it’s not, I’ll be dealing with both a sick cat and a whiny sympathetic boyfriend.


  10. On the couch

    Written by Randi on January 31st, 2014 at 2:38 PM // Category: General

    I should have done my Final assignment yesterday but I fought with my body all day. When I finally got comfortable on the couch, I didn’t want to move.

    Now, it’s late, but not a huge deal and yet I’m still struggling to get to work on it. My back still hurts but is about 90% better. I can move in all directions and although it hurts a bit, it’s not enough to keep me from moving or flinch at every bit of pain. I’m also doubled up on ibuprofen.

    I really just want to get it out of the way so that I have the rest of the weekend to relax. Programming Web Applications Part Deux starts on Monday and who knows how much harder it’s going to get.

    If I’m not mistaken, the children are coming this weekend. However, I’ve heard nothing about it since my mom mentioned it on Wednesday. They’ll be out of school soon so I’ll know soon enough.

    I have to decide quick on dinner so I can pull it out and defrost it.

    Edited to Add:
    I was wrong, the kids are coming next weekend.

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